I have decided it’s time to start blogging again.  Several years ago I did most of my blogging on MySpace and somewhere along the way I became a top blogger, a title that I really despised.  That blog was made up of my life happenings and things that were completely random that I wrote to amuse myself.  When I took on a job at BlogTalkRadio, something that I now really regret for a number of reasons, I had less and less time to blog and eventually Myspace forgot about me.  I ended up deleting that blog when I left BTR.  Many things had changed and the blogging atmosphere wasn’t what it was before I left.   I have tried blogging a number of times since then but it’s never felt quite right, not sure why.  I often think that blogging had lost some of it’s appeal to me.

So, here I am again.  Last winter during “Snowpocolypse” and “Snowmaggedeon” (link to the vlog I did about it – boy did I look tired!) I became rather sick.  I blamed shoveling feet of snow and cold weather.  When we were done with our drive and walkways me and one of my daughters went next door to help our neighbor since he had to do his family’s drive, walk, and on street parking area as well as the drive and walk of one of our elderly neighbors.  After the first snow storm he was out there 8+ hours shoveling and I didn’t feel that there was any reason for that again when having help could make it go much faster.  I just never seemed to warm up after the last  snow storm.  I was tired and there were days I couldn’t get out of bed.  I honestly believed winter had kicked my ass.  I had to ask for help in keeping my movie review site (WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT) updated.  It turns out it was a little more than winter that did me in.

I have scoliosis in my back that has caused arthritis in my neck and three partially herniated disks in my lower back.  I also have bone spurs down my spine.  I fully expect to need back surgery one day but it’s not something that doctors like to do.  If something goes wrong, you are going to be in worse shape than you started.  Currently the pain that I am in from this can be controlled with medication.  The scoliosis has also taken a toll on my right hip and I can rarely walk without a cane.

I also have fibromylagia.  As my doctor recently said, my body is a living barometer for the weather.  Low pressure is all it takes to put me in bed until it passes, despite medication, feeling like every bone in my body has been broken.  The fibro also seemed to be aggravated by hormone changes.  The worst part was, while I was on pain medications for it, I wasn’t on anything that helped control it and it was taking a huge toll on my body.  Add that to endometriosis and each month for about a week and a half I was a complete mess.  June 29, 2010 I went into the hospital for a complete hysterectomy.   At least now I don’t have to deal with the pain and PMDD that came with my cycles.

My pre-surgery blood work turned up a problem that I didn’t know about…hypothyroidism.  That explained why I was always cold no matter how hot it was in the house or outside.   It also explained a lot of the tiredness I had where I didn’t want to get out of bed and needed a nap every afternoon.

Now that everything is under control I am able to do so much more and I feel like writing again, which is good considering for the last three years I have been doing freelance writing.  It’s sad that it took at least 6 months to get everything treated and under control.  It was a miserable 6 months that just made my daily life more difficult to deal with…

My husband has been dealing with his own medical issues that has, for the last four to five years, made him distance himself horribly from the family and made it miserable to be around him.  It nearly destroyed our marriage.  The worst part of it was in those four to five years he was under the care of two different doctors and while they both kept him in his medications for his thyroid, high blood pressure and low testosterone, they did little else for him.  The second doctor did diagnose his severe sleep apnea but was unable to properly treat it.  Upon requesting my neurologist to repeat his sleep study and figure out why he couldn’t breath wile using his CPAP machine she also discovered he had undiagnosed narcolepsy.  It took the GP we have now to do one set of blood work to find the missing piece of the puzzle as to why he was feeling like crap to discover he has severe vitamin D and B12 deficiencies that needed RX strength supplements to fix.    He’s a different person now, more like the man I married.  If only the other doctors had paid more attention when he complained that he didn’t feel good instead of just assuming it was because of something that as already treated it could have saved us so much aggravation and heartache.  Who knows how long he had been suffering since part of the vitamin deficiency came from undiagnosed celiac disease.  I am convinced he was slowly and painfully dieing.

Then there are our seven children.  Yes, I said seven, ranging in age from 17 to 9.  Between them there are now 38 food allergies – some of them life threatening, asthma, celiac disease, Grave’s disease, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, vitamin D deficiency (we are suspecting this is some sort of genetic problem and not diet related mostly because I do not have this problem and we all eat the same things), auditory processing disorder and autism.  Did I mention I homeschool them?

So, this is me and this is my life.  I have never made myself appear as anything I am not.  What you see (complete with purple mohawk, tattoos and lip piercing) is what you get.  I have been discriminated against and harassed because of the size of my family.   I have had people feel it’s acceptable to treat me like dirt because of how I look and just assume that my cane is a fashion accessory because it matches my hair.  I can easily think of much more stylish fashion accessories than a $20 purple and black cane from CVS.  I have also had people complement my appearance, especially my hair, because I have the guts to do my own thing and be different even though I stick out like a turd in a punch bowl.

That is actually where my tag line came from.  I was telling a friend of mine who is also quite eclectic, about how I am always treated like crap in stores by the soccer mom type and how they always freak out if, for some reason, I have to pass within five feet of them.  He laughed and said “I love it.  Punks scaring the crap out of soccer moms since 1970!”

So, for those interested, this is my blog.  You can read about my adventures in parenting and life as well as the general random satire I occasionally write.

DISCLAIMER: Every now and then I will review something, be it a book or something else.  If you don’t know about it yet, the FTC has this new law that states that you have to disclose if you receive compensation for doing product reviews.  I don’t.  Believe me, my opinion can’t be bought or sold…just ask Joaquin Pietro who wanted me to review the Peeloop…wait, maybe we don’t want to go there.   As I was saying, my opinion is always my own.  I don’t receive free products (at least for the purposes of this blog) and no one pays me for my opinion.  Just needed to mention that.