I expected a mushroom cloud of epic proportions because, apparently in today’s world, there is no bigger social slight than unfriending someone on Facebook.  I wonder if the Mayans had prophecies about that. Could they have foreseen what technology would come after them and the impact that it would have on the world? Did they know that the focal point of our entire civilization would actually revolve around the internet and electronic communication? Could this shift from actually talking to someone face to face to having to do it electronically actually have something to do with their prediction that the world will end on or about Dec 21, 2012?

You know, I will admit, it was pretty scary hitting that unfriend button because it’s something I have never done. I have never felt the need…until today. Here’s the thing, the person who I unfriended I met on line a number of years ago when I was working for BlogTalkRadio. He hosted a show (I believe he still does) and the only time that he ever really wanted to talk to me was to talk about his BTR and his political beliefs. The only time I have heard from him since leaving BTR is on Facebook promoting his show or inviting me to some political podcast or something-or-other that he’s hosting. Even in the world of internet friends, which has it’s own definition of the word friend, I think that puts him seriously low on the friend food chain.

Now, I don’t begrudge anyone their political or religious beliefs and I have a ton of friends who I don’t have the save views as and we can talk about our different view points and be respectful. Unfortunately not everyone can do that. Some people just can’t state their beliefs without violating Wheaton’s Law.

So, with that in mind, let’s return to Facebook, otherwise known as The Land of Drama. There is a group on there now called Soldiers Are Not Heros. Okay, fine, whatever. Everyone has the freedom of speech and even if I don’t agree with your opinion and think that you are a jackass for it, I will still defend your right to your opinion. I don’t believe in censorship and that means defending the right of people who I think may have their head shoved up their ass to say whatever thing it is that they are saying, regardless of how offensive I think they are being as long as they are not violating any laws. I don’t care that you are sitting outside the DMV passing out propaganda about why you think The President should be impeached and I will even put up with Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on my door wanting to spread the word of their god (I often wonder how well it would go over if I tried going door to door trying to tell people about Odin and Thor – might be worth a laugh). People have perfectly good reasons for feeling the way they do about these things and they have the freedom of speech to do these things. It’s a protected right. Just like it’s a protected right of these idiots on Facebook to have their Soldiers Are Not Heros group.

Where I have my problem is with the purpose of this group. The main purpose of this group is not to try and promote a different view point and debate it. The purpose of the group is to spew hate and bully people. In the about section of the group it’s even encouraged to troll people.

Soldiers are not Heros.
Those who argue will be made fun of.
The word hero has several meanings. I only care about one of them.
The word Heroes has several meanings. I care about none of them.
The word Heros has a couple.
It’s a genus of fish, the plural of hero sandwich, A comic book hero, and the first name of Heros Karabazmos, The Thracian horseman.
A god of the underworld.
And cloning is bad, especially cloning gods.
Whether soldiers are “heroes” or not is debatable, but this group will take no sides on that argument.
Any opinions, including those of admins, belong to the person expressing them and no one else.
So, get over yourself or be trolled mercilessly.
Oh, and we encourage screenshots of people being trolled.

So, to recap, this group has been created not for the purpose of debate, education or just trying to present another side. It was created with the sole purpose of baiting people to start flame wars, to make fun of people, to encourage cyber bullying. That is a problem. Regardless of how people feel about the military, and I know there are anti-military people out there, cyber bullying isn’t right and one would think that every decent human wouldn’t want to support that so when I got a notification from a friend that there was an online petition to get Facebook to remove the group I signed it. I also did something I rarely do and send it out to some people on my friends list that I thought could get behind the idea of getting a group removed from Facebook that is there for no other reason than to promote hate and encourage cyber bullying.

Now, when people send me stuff that I don’t agree with and don’t want to support I ignore it. I don’t send them nasty emails like the one that I received from one particular person, the one that I unfriended. The email:

“Sorry. I won’t support your pro-neoconservative, pro-State cause. I don’t support Kool-aid murderous causes such as this.

And, yes, I’m one of those people who believes that our troops should not be labeled “heroes.”

And yes I enthusiastically disrespect the soldiers.

The old “they’re-just-defending-our-freedoms” and “they’re-just-doing-their-jobs” excuses didn’t fly at the Nuremberg trials when the Nazis were tried for war crimes, and, with the exception to the poor-excuse-for-Americans justifications, it doesn’t fly now.

Fuck the Military Industrial Complex and the troops who are a willing part of it and for cheering it on.

Fuck military statism too.”

Really? Just really? I really wonder what our country would be like if we didn’t have a military, especially when every other country did. I wonder how much terrorism we would see on our soil. I wonder what language we would be speaking. The freedoms that our military has fought for over the history of this country allows him to be anti-military. Sure glad that he didn’t live in Nazi Germany where that right wasn’t given to people, like numerous members of my family. Yes, among the skeletons in my family’s closet there are Nazi youth. Everyone came down on Pope Benedict XVI when he made people because he had been a Nazi youth. You know what, that is just the way things were at that time. You became a Nazi or you were put to death.

I don’t agree with everything that our government does or every ideal that our military is sent to defend. However, these are people who have made the decision to stand up for the freedoms that we have and to ensure that we don’t live in the next Nazi Germany.

Maybe the person who sent me this email never paid attention to a thing I ever said to him and forgets that I married a military man who served in the Gulf War. I have made no secret that my father served in Viet Nam and was awarded not one, but two Purple Hearts. After being shot out of a helicopter and having to have his shoulder reconstructed he asked to be sent back to the front line. There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity and my dad walked it. My step-father served in Viet Nam. My father’s eldest brother, my uncle, was killed in Korea. My mother’s brothers, two more of my uncles, served in Viet Nam.  I am the wrong person to send that particular email to.

You know dude, if you want to disrespect the military enthusiastically, have fun with that. I just hope you don’t get butt hurt when people unfriend you on Facebook and I sure hope you have enough brains to know when to keep your mouth shut or else one day it’s going to come back and bite you in the ass, hard. Those men and women who put on a uniform every day have a sense of honor that most people don’t understand.

Maybe it’s time to put away your political rhetoric and look at the bigger picture here and take a look at yourself. By not putting your name on that petition you are saying you are no better than the people who started the group.You are telling me that you are all for bullying people who have different beliefs than you and that it’s awesome and fun to make fun of people who are different than you and that you encourage others to do the same.



By the way, if you want to sign the Facebook petition to get rid of this group, you can do so HERE.