Why I love Twitter in under 140 characters: It allows people to quickly and easily share their thoughts. It also gives insight into what celebrities are really like as people.

Unfortunately, we get to find out what celebrities are really like.

I mean, for the most part the only celebs that I follow on Twitter are Wil Wheaton and WWE Wrestlers. Why? Because my Twitter is all about what amuses me and it amuses me to see these guys take their wrestling personalities to Twitter and smack talk each other. They get to say things that they don’t get to say on air and it’s funny. I also like finding out what comics/graphic novels/books CM Punk is reading or what Chris Jericho’s band is doing, Yoshi Tatsu has a daily Japanese lesson and Zack Ryder is just weird and is happy to be himself.

My Tumblr is also filled with things that amuse me. More wrestling, Goth and punk stuff, book stuff, cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, llamas, squirrels and some other random amusing things. Sometimes Twitter and Tumblr meet and people take screen shots of thing on Twitter and post them on Tumblr. That is how I found out that Katy Perry is now trying to do the Goth thing. Really? Just Google “Katy Perry Goth” and you will find a ton of crap including these two pictures.

I really don’t know why but she reminds me of Boy George in that second picture and that makes me feel bad for insulting Boy George. I was always all about Boy George and him doing his own thing no matter how outrageous it was. Elton John was the same way back in the day and let’s not forget David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust years. Now we have Lady GaGa. I really have no idea why people flip out at her crazy image when people did the same thing before her. Grace Jones anyone?

Enter Katy Perry and her new bubblegum goth fad she is trying to start. I don’t know what else to call it. I don’t care that she changes her image faster than a drag queen on meth (to borrow a line from someone else) to get attention. I care that she has become disrespectful about it. First she pissed off the GLBT community. Google it. Now she’s pissing off the Gothic culture. Being a pop star and needing to keep attention on herself where people don’t forget her, I get that. What I don’t get is the attitude that she takes that makes her look completely ignorant. Case in point is this Twitter post:

And here it comes…

Are you fucking serious? Yea, ha ha lets make fun of the weird pale kids. We have a serious problem here folks. First making fun of the Goth community is not cool but what is even more uncool that is how stupid and vapid she comes across. I shouldn’t be taking it so personally but this tweet pisses me off, and the only reason I know about it is because it came across my Tumblr dash, not because I give a rats ass about Katy Perry.

Vitamin D deficiency doesn’t make you pale. It makes you sick.  It causes joint pain, depression, a weakened immune system, rickets, osteoporosis and cancer. You know what else, people with Multiple Sclerosis don’t metabolize vitamin D properly and are usually pretty low in vitamin D and there is research that points to low D being a contributing factor in MS. So that puts these people in a bad loop.

This is a serious health issue. My daughter was just diagnosed with MS and her D levels won’t come up. She’s taking prescription strength vitamin D twice a week now. Everyone else in my family has some sort of D deficiency and has to take prescription supplements despite how much time they spend outside, how much vitamin enriched food they eat or if they take a daily vitamin. Our doctor thinks that it’s a genetic thing since there are four gene variants that contribute to low D and cause the body not to metabolize it properly.

Vitamin D deficiency is a serious health concern. Maybe not as serious as cancer, but it’s serious. I have a very sick child at the moment with a plethora of auto-immune problems who, despite supplements, can’t keep her D levels at a normal level and her low D is more than likely a side effect of these diseases if you believe things written in medical journals.

So, I am left wondering if Katy Perry just opens her mouth on a regular basis without thinking, opens her mouth with the sole purpose of creating controversy to keep her name in the news (attention whore) or if she really is that vapid and stupid. Maybe it’s a combination of all the above. I am not going to go off about how celebrities need to watch what they do and say because people look to them as role models.  I am going to say that much like everyone else they need to keep their mouth shut about things that the don’t know anything about instead of spouting off something because they think it’s cute. Actually, celebs should be more careful about that than everyone else because their name is in the news and news spreads at the speed of the internet. It only takes minutes for the world to find out how incredibly shallow they are. Offending consumers is not a good way to sell albums, concert tickets and totally ridiculous looking and horrifying expansion packs for The Sims 3.

I am really glad that I am not a Katy Perry fan. If I were I would be seriously embarrassed right now.