A cookie for anyone who knows where my title came from.

Yes, I know it’s not Thursday, but I am feeling like life is one giant Thursday. Just when I forget that I have a blog and decide that no one is reading it I end up with a comment to approve and then I feel like I need to make a blog post because I feel guilty that my blog has been neglected and someone somewhere is waiting for me to say something.

Well, here’s that something.

Some force in the universe has decided that I have become too complaisant and that I have adapted just fine to celiac disease, autism, 60+ food allergies, asthma, fibromylagia, sleep apnea,  narcolepsy, arthritis, thyroid issues and whatever other medical issues going on in the house that I have forgotten to list because we were given a new one…or two…or three.

My 16 year old needs a hearing aid. She has partial hearing loss in her left ear so we are working on that. You know it takes a month for a hearing aid to be made from an ear impression? That seems a bit long but what do I know? This same child also managed to get into peach juice a few days ago and she’s anaphylatic to peaches.

Then there is my 15 year old. About a month and a half ago she woke up unable to walk because of severe pain in her legs and she started having what we thought were seizures. Four emergency room visits, four doctors visits, 20 vials of blood, a CT scan, an EMG and an EEG later we find out she’s got some auto-immune stuff going on. The first is she’s producing thyroid anti-bodies but her thyroid levels are normal. This means we either caught it before her thyroid went south or she has a rare condition called Hashimoto’s encephalopathy where the thyroid anti-bodies attack the neurons in the brain. We don’t know which it is. She was also given a diagnosis of Sjogren’s Syndrome and we have more testing that we have to get done for that through our eye doctor.

This is what I have been dealing with for the last month. I really want the doctors to get her stabilized where she isn’t going from being fine one minute to being in a wheelchair the next.

I am also trying to get my new business up and running. A friend of mine talked me into using some of my “useless” talents and starting a tarot/astrology business. The last time I did anything “professional” with either was several years back while working for the Miss Cleo Psychic Line. Parts of the website are still under construction but you can see it at  http://www.secondstarastrology.com I am currently willing to do a small number of free readings in exchange for testimonials to publish on the website. If you are interested please contact me via the contact information given on the Second Star website.