I don’t know why I bother with our local K-Mart. I really don’t. I get aggravated every time I go in there. In the three years we have lived here I have made a total of 5 purchases, number 5 being today because it was the only place I could find a pair of shoes that didn’t suck that didn’t aggravate the arthritis in my feet. After running errands Thursday I crawled into bed and I hit my foot on the mattress and I felt incredible pain that brought me to tears. I still don’t know if they were tears of pain or frustration. I am not a wuss (I did gall bladder surgery last summer WITHOUT pain medication). Pain I can handle, and I handle it well and on the pain scale this rated somewhere between blunt trauma and major abdominal surgery.

So, I go to Kmart. Dale City, VA K-Mart sucks hairy monkey ass. I could list so many things wrong with this place. The last time I was in there I ended up emailing their corporate office about it. The store manager called me and “apologized”. More like gave me attitude disguised as an apology because she had to be inconvenienced to call someone because her store sucks. The bathrooms qualify for FEMA relief (seriously, a bathroom should never look and smell like someone just emptied a port-a-john in it) and the employees have the attitude of a pissed off baby momma on Jerry Springer who’s baby daddy has been banging her sister, mother and best friend and got all them knocked up as well. When I was in there yesterday originally looking for shoes I took a picture of one of the garbage piles where they couldn’t be bothered to remove the garbage from the floor. Instead it was swept in front of the bread display where you couldn’t buy bread. It made my llama tumblr.

Every person decided to pay for their purchases at once. There is one line open. ONE LINE and it’s wrapping around the jewelry counter. So we are waiting. And waiting. And waiting. They finally open another line so people move to the second line and we don’t have as much of a wait…or so we thought. We wait. And wait. And Wait. The entire project was being held up because of an error with someones K-Mart point card or whatever they hell they call their thing. So everyone moves over to line two. By this time we have been in line around a half hour. Decide while in line to purchase Payday candy bars. So, having made it over to line two, we wait. And wait…and wait. The cashier is just as slow as humanly possible. Total time spent in line was almost an hour. No kidding. One hour to check out what amounted to 7 people.

Get to the car and the candy bars are stale. I mean they were so stale they could not be bitten into. Thought eating them was going to result in a trip to the dentist. No wonder they were on sale.

Next aggravation for the day was EA Tech/Customer Support. EA has it’s own special level of hell.

The short version. Bought the last copy of Mass Effect off Amazon. Kids want to play and I have it through Origin. My thought is to by a hard copy where it can be installed on two other computers. Idea good in theory. Disk arrives today and the code that came with it is bad. Call EA and get new code. That code is bad.

In the end:

  • Logged five plus hours dealing with tech support between me and my husband
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the game FOUR times on the advice of tech support.
  • Talked to FIVE different people – 3 in chat (Mayank, Ritesh and Kumar – This is no joke) and 2 on the phone.
  • Get given bad advice by one of these three people.
  • Was told that I uninstalled a game improperly and that is why my codes didn’t work. Seriously?
  • Was told to download third party software to uninstall ME or else I would not be helped.
  • Was told to reinstall game and then update C+++ to new version and code would work. Wasted another 30 mins with this and code did not work.
  • In the end had to create a second Origin account and get a second copy of ME.
  • Was put on hold after spending 40 mins with someone and was disconnected.
  • Was told I needed to do a manual uninstall through the registry after uninstalling program from add/remove programs
  • Have two serial codes that don’t work and two discount codes for Origin.

There was a ton of other crap, but these were just the highlights. It was stupid and an exercise in futility. I was telling my neighbor this and he said, “Ah, you talk to Peggy.” Implying that my tech experience was the same as the customer service experienced by all the people in the Discover adverts who called and talked to Peggy. If you haven’t seen these videos go to youtube and search for Discover Peggy.

That has been my day. 7 hours down the toilet because of stupid people. I want those hours of my life back.