It has been so long since I have actually blogged. I know, I am a Bad Person for that. ;0) I had my gall bladder removed about 6 months ago and I am finally not sick all the time. I also got word recently that my liver has pretty much repaired the damage done by the NSAIDs over the years. My doctor still won’t give me pain meds so here we are, in the middle of winter with my arthritis kicking my ass. I had to resort to getting a neck brace to help support my neck on the bad days. Now if only I could find something to do for my feet. Anyway, since I am doing better and actually feel like doing stuff, I will be blogging more. My goal this years is to be writing again. It’s been a year or more since I have done any serious writing or even looked for freelance jobs because I was in such bad shape.

I have been working on a bunch of Sim stuff the last month or so. Writing stories and that kind of thing. You can check them out by visiting my website The Sims Weekly World News. The site map will give you the links to everything. There are also a handful up downloads there as well.

Something else that I would like to share that I have been doing. One of my kids presented me with a Deviant Art llama and with that llama came the inspiration for the use of  Tumblr. If you use Tumblr, check it out and follow. If you don’t use Tumblr, check it out anyway for the laughs.

So, what about this PIPA/SOPA stuff? Pretty wild, huh? The Revolution won’t be televised but we are sure going to be able to watch it on the net.

For those who forgot, I homeschoool. During the Internet Blackout my kids asked me what the deal was with SOPA/PIPA and we had a lesson on free speech, the government abuse of power and Trent Reznor. What does Trent Reznor have to do with this? Well, everything and nothing. He is against SOPA/PIPA and is one of the many artists (including writing Neil Gaiman) who have signed a collective letter off to Congress telling them they don’t agree with these laws. But more specifically I am talking about the Year Zero Alternate Reality Game. Anyone remember this? It warned of government abuse of power and censorship.

Yesterday Megaupload was taken off line. I had just downloaded a ton of stuff from Megaupload for The Sims. In the fight against intellectual property violations the Sims community, and I am sure a lot of other people who had perfectly legal downloads on Megaupload, became collateral damage. We were given the message that it was more important to punish the wrong doers than protect the innocent. I am waiting for Parepin to be added to the water supply.

I have a question to ask, and I realize I am treading a very fine line here. There is a claim that something like $5.5 million is being lost in revenue a year due to illegal downloading. What is the difference between sharing a book/movie/music CD on line than buying these thing and loaning them to your friends where they don’t have to purchase them? What is the difference between this and using the public library system to borrow these things rather than purchase them? I posed this question to my kids and got this response:

“Hush. Don’t say that too loud because someone will hear you and close all the libraries.”

The same goes for used bookstores. Those complaining they are loosing revenue don’t see any of the money from second hand resale.

If the internet were taken away people would still share books, movies, music CDs. It’s just that the big businesses that put these things out won’t see us do it, like in the days before the internet. I am waiting for books to come with a EULA that forbids us from loaning them to our friends. I am waiting for second hand stores to be made illegal because it takes potential money from the big businesses.

But that’s who runs the country isn’t it? Not the government that we put in office. It’s the big businesses because they have the means to buy off congress with blood money to protect their interests and investments while they say the hell with those (those of us who buy their products) that made them rich in the first place.