The following article was published earlier today in XBIZ. Since the link probably is NSFW, I will reprint it here.

NEW YORK — NBC TV’s “The Playboy Club” is closing its doors.

The network has cancelled the show after only three episodes and has no plans to air any of the remaining shows.

The drama was axed because of poor ratings, pulling only a low 1.2 rating last Monday night with only 3.4 million viewers. It will be replaced by Brian Williams’ “Rock Center” on Oct. 31.

Until then, repeats of the new drama “Prime Suspect” will air in its timeslot, Mondays at 10 p.m., NBC said.

Entertainment Weekly said the move came as no surprise as there were low expectations for the ‘60’s drama that tried to pick up on cable TV’s “Mad Men” buzz, but was saddled with tamer network restrictions.

Prior to its debut, the show came under heavy fire from the Parents Television Council calling for it to be blocked, a boycott plea from feminist and former undercover Playboy Bunny Gloria Steinem, as well being refused by Salt Lake City’s main NBC affiliate station.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that the poor ratings were in part because of the Parents Television Council (despite it being shown at 10pm when most kids are in bed), Gloria Steinmen and the fact that it couldn’t be shown in Utah. The saying that even bad publicity is good publicity doesn’t always fly. When enough negative attention is drawn to something from the right place people do change their minds on things.

I didn’t even know that this show was on TV so it’s not like I will miss it. But what gets me about the entire thing is on some level the cancellation of The Playboy Club is because of other people’s beliefs. This is another case of a group of like minded people dictating how everyone else should be, or in this case not watch on TV.

This sort of thing really gets on my nerves more than I can express in words.

Since the first book was printed someone has always tried to ban certain books – everything from Where’s Waldo to The Bible to Harry Potter – because someone didn’t like something that was printed in them. People have also been prosecuted under vague obscenity laws for owning certain books. Movies have been pulled from theaters because a group of people complained and don’t even get me started on the PMRC of the 80’s and their attack on the music industry. As a tween I recall people trying to ban Dungeons and Dragons because it “promotes” satanism and other occult activities (translated: non-Christian beliefs) and it caused escapism. There was a movie made about this called Mazes and Monsters about how the game is played by those with “deep neurotic needs”.  It’s out right banned in prisons because it’s believed to promote gang activity.  Now, being in prison means you loose a lot of your rights, but I bring this example up to prove my point of how DnD is viewed in general.

Someone somewhere is always trying to take away things that fall under Freedom of Speech and punish people for them because they have a different moral value system.

I am not picking on any one group here, please don’t send me hate mail accusing me of being anti this or anti that. That’s not the case. The only thing that I am is anti shoving your beliefs down someone else’s throat. I am just as annoyed with the Mormons who knock on my door trying to teach me their ways as I am about the Jehovah’s Witnesses who do the same thing or the church group who backs up traffic protesting abortion or the missionaries that randomly walk up to me while I am trying to enjoy an outdoor concert in a public park asking me if believe in Jesus. I am annoyed by parenting groups who tell me there is only one way to raise a moral child, I am annoyed with autism groups who believe that biomedical this or that will cure all autism because it worked for them and therefore, because I have autistic children, I must do those things or I am a bad parent. The list goes on.

Somewhere along the line it became acceptable for one group to force their ideas, opinions and beliefs on others. The earliest historical reference that I can think of off the top of my head was when the old Germanic tribes who practiced Heathery were forced by threat of  political ostracism or death to convert to Christianity, but I am sure it happened even well before then. Ever since the first time one group bullied another group to convert to their ways it’s been an acceptable practice and it’s alive and well today.

The worst part of that is the hypocrisy behind it all. We have all these anti-bullying campaigns including ones against cyber-bullying and yet it’s practiced in mass by special interest groups such as Morality in Media, The Parents Television Council, P.E.T.A., Greenpeace, various religious groups and every other group of people who believe that they are somehow better than everyone else and therefore their way is the only Right Way.

Why does society in general have to be this way? Is there something embedded in us that make society behave this way in general? What makes people believe there is only one right way? I don’t go trying to convert others to my way of thinking. If we were all the same the world would suck more than it does now. Can’t we all just live and let live and quit trying to tell everyone what they can read, what they can watch, what music they can listen to and what religion must be followed. We are all individuals. Let’s keep it that way.