First thing is first. Remember my horror to find 9-11 celebratory cakes in the grocery store and the letter that I wrote to the grocery store cooperate office? It took them a week, but I got an email back.

Thank you for your email concerning the 9/11 display at your Centre Plaza Giant.  We appreciate that you wrote to let us know of your concern with the celebratory nature of the bakery items on display.

We understand and agree with you.   Apparently, this was not something that our corporate office sent to the stores to do, but apparently was done at store level.  I have contacted the store manager who will address this with those who were involved in the display so they understand that no matter how good their intentions were, it was not appropriate.

Thank you again for taking the time to share you feelings with us.

Barbara Phillips
Customer Care Representative

Guess they won’t be doing that again.  I was horribly disappointing that I didn’t find the cakes in their clearance bin a few days later where I could laugh and point. With the number of cakes and large decorated cookies that were left three days after 9-11, I was sure that they would end up there. However, with the exception of the flag cookies that the store even sells around the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Flag Day, everything was gone. I would like to think that Giant Cooperate made good on their promise to look into and that everything had been removed and toss in the garbage.

Moving right along…

Who doesn’t love a Muppets interlude?

I came across this professional Tarot Reader (who, from here on out, will be referred to as TR) while looking for some new tarot and astrology books to add to my collection. Her books really interest me and I picked one of them up at the used book store on Friday. I just spent a few hours looking at her blog and I am personally put off by it. I wish that I had looked at her blog before ordering one of her books, because I wouldn’t have ordered it. I would have tried to find it used or not bought it at all.

I realize that every person who is in business is in business to make money. However, TR came across to me as being a bitch about it. In fact, in her blog she comes across as the sort that only helps people if there is something in it for her – in this case, money. Now, let me say this right now, I don’t know this person. In fact, I know very little TR and that is only what I have read on line. She might be a really nice person and nothing like how she comes across on line. What I do know is that I am put off by her blog and her attitude.

First, I have seen professional astrologers and tarot readers offer more on their site. TR fills her blog with blogs on why you should buy her books, reviews people have done of her books, blogs on other things that you can purchase that will make her money,  but most of it is very mundane things better suited to Twitter or a Facebook status update than an actual blog. Every great now and again, once in a blue moon when a baby Smurf is born, she will offer a tarot spread and tell why she came up with it, or link to someone else’s tarot spread. She offers up news articles on tarot readers being discriminated against. For the most part, if you are a tarot student or someone trying to expand their knowledge, her blog isn’t worth reading.

Even better is the fact that she made an entire blog post on why she doesn’t want you emailing her to tell her that you picked up one or more of her books at a great price at Borders going out of business sell. Apparently, Borders owes her publisher a great deal of money (no shit, they owe everyone a great deal of money and that is why they went bankrupt) and that she will never see her 10% of the publishers price of her books that were bought when Borders went out of business.


Where all of this is unfortunate, she sounds like she’s holding a grudge that she is out the $1.20 for the sale of a book rather than seeing this as an awesome opportunity for people who have never heard of her or bought one of her books to check it out without spending a ton of money. Chances are if they like what they read in that one book they were able to find at Borders they will go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Books-a-million and purchase more of her stuff. The attitude of, “You bought my book at a bankruptcy liquidation sale and therefore I made no money off of it” is really going to turn off people who would go on to buy more of her books making her more money. She states in another post that she has to worry about her “professional image”. Someone should tell her that the professional image she is putting forth on her blog makes her sound like a greedy bitch.

Going back through older posts I found a blog that she wrote about a student who contacted her via facebook for an interview for a college paper she had to write.  Said student sent her a brief message through facebook, where she found TR, asking for a quick interview of about 10 questions. TR was horribly put out by this because 1. this was an hour or more of her time that she wasn’t going to get paid for 2. her words could be twisted and put on an anti-tarot website and 3. it could all be a scam to get someone else to do the students paper for her.

Again, seriously?

I remember being a college student. I remember writing paper after paper on Viet Nam and one of those papers had to be an interview with someone who had served in Nam. Where I had an uncle that I could talk to, not everyone knew someone who had served and had to hunt someone down…and this was just a couple years before the internet became the internet. Yes, students actually have to conduct interviews for some papers. It happened back in 1991 and it happens today.

TR complained first that she was contacted via facebook in an informal note instead of a professional email. I guess maybe TR hasn’t been keeping up, but most people prefer that if they are being contacted via email for anything that it’s kept short and right to the point. Many professionals in a variety of business basically want you to state who you are and what you want. They don’t want a dissertation on why you are contacting them. Apparently TR never got this memo. She also never got the memo on how contacting professionals in any line of work for something is acceptable through social networking sites. That is part of their purpose. She also suggested to the student that she go out and buy some of her books and use those to write her paper and she would be more than happy to look it over and fact check.

To quote Zack Ryder, “Are you serious, bro?”

There is that “buy my books where I can make money” attitude.  The student went out on a limb and sent her questions along anyway after this. TR made fun of her questions in her blog (and she’s worried about her professional image?) and sent her back a note that said she should make an appointment (pay someone for their time) with a tarot reader in her area and ask her questions in person and then acted surprised that this wasn’t an acceptable response for said student. Kudos to the student who found someone else to interview and who was willing to do it. She probably got a better interview than she would have ever gotten from TR. The student probably got the same impression that I did, that TP is a bitch.  What put me off even more is that no one called TP on her attitude. All of her readers and friends supported her and added their own snarky little comments.

What a way to promote your professional image.

I guarantee that I won’t be buying any of TP’s books ever again unless I can find them used somewhere (or, dare I say it, up for free on the internet) and it’s something that I can’t find another book that can fill the gap. I am not interested in helping to line her pockets. There are other people out there who I would much rather support who don’t come with the attitude and who seem more genuine.