Here we are, 10 years after the tragic events of a terrorist attack. A day that so many people will remember for so many reasons. Five years ago I was part of the of Project 2,996 and posted a tribute to one Christine Lee Hanson, the youngest victim of the events of 9/11/2001. She was 2 years old. I do not remember where I originally posted that tribute but I do know that where ever it was, be it my old myspace page, an old blog site that I used to use, or whatever, that it is no longer there. It is probably still available somewhere in some internet archive.

I specifically requested to do that tribute and I remember the that the person who runs Project 2996 was hesitant to have anyone do that tribute because of how people might feel about it, because she was only 2 years old. I can understand that, because focusing on the death of a 2 year old by terrorists could be seen as sensationalism. However, if I was going to do a tribute that was going to be the one. I was going to write the memorial for the person who hadn’t even begun to experience life. That is just how I am.

We hear so many things about those who died that day, why each and every one of those deaths was horrible. 2996 lives lost. Who knows how many lives each and every one of those people touched. We are still talking about those these things ten years later. Time hasn’t washed away what happened.  We are reminded of the events of 9/11 every time we go to the airport and are frisked by airport security. We are reminded every time we need to go to some government agency and have to provide an excess of paperwork to prove that we are American Citizens. We are reminded about it every time we need to mail a package. We are reminded about this every time we are inconvenienced in the name of security. So much has changed about our world and yet we continue to live. Albeit we are told we need to live in fear. We are told we need extra security because terrorists could strike at any time anywhere.

Terrorist attacks do happen all over the world with great frequency. This month alone there has been a car bombing in Russia, a suicide bombing in Pakistan, a car bombing in India and another bombing in Yemen. There were 17 terrorist attacks last month alone in other parts of the world. There are people in parts of this world who live in fear of terrorist attacks because they happen with such frequency that they have become a part of life.  While we are busy mourning our losses in the US 10 years after they have happened, their is someone somewhere grieving over a fresh grave.

The world is watching the public spectacle that we are making on the tenth anniversary of “America’s Terrorist Attack”. This remembrance, this sensationalized importance that we, as a nation, thanks in part to our media, has put on 9/11 makes the 43 lives lost to terrorism in the last 10 days in other parts of the world seem unimportant. Why are lives lost 10 years ago more important than lives lost last week? They were all needless deaths and not one of those people was more important than the other. Why do we need to say to the world, “We remember those who died, do you?” How can other countries forget? We beat it like a dead horse. Other countries don’t make the three ring media circus out of grief, pain and rebuilding that we do.

Maybe I am just cynical but the worst part of all this is that as far as terrorism disasters go, we will hold onto 9/11 and proudly display it as our slap in the face until something bigger comes along to take it’s place. It’s our excuse, as a nation, to hate on Muslims and justify racial profiling. We never behaved like this after the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. Yes, for all of those who have forgotten, Muslims were involved in that as well.

As we remember those lost on 9/11, I ask everyone to give some thought to others who have died throughout the years, both here in American and in other countries, who have died needlessly at the hands of terrorists and to realize that we are not alone in the world when it comes to terrorism.

It is my hope that one day we will live in a world where no one in the world has to die because some radical individual or group feels the only way to make a point is to kill others.