It’s been a number of years since we had any sort of real weather from a hurricane here in the Metro DC area. The last time was Isabella back about 6 or so years ago.  At least I think it’s been six years. I have no concept of time. Irene has decided that we need rain and wind and 800,000+ people without electric.  A lot of those people won’t have service restored until Monday or Tuesday because the electric companies are like that, especially Pepco. The low pressure from the hurricane is killing me.  Anyone who tries to tell you that the weather does not affect one’s health is full of shit. My fibromyalgia, bursitis and arthritis are causing me more pain than normal. All I want to do is sleep. Since I can’t take any pain meds and I quit taking my fibro med as well because it says not to take if you have liver issues, I really hope this flare up ends when the storm passes or I am going to be miserable come Wednesday and I will have a hard time having fun.

Wednesday is Uproar and Avenged Sevenfold is playing again this year. Last year I wasn’t recovered fully from surgery and I dehydrated after being there 10 mins and missed a lot. This year I plan on making up for that. We are being brave this year and taking our 15 and 16 year old daughters with us. Should be interesting. Not sure what they are going to enjoy more, the concert or the people watching.

I have been spending a good deal of time on Twitter the last few days because of Irene. Capital Weather Gang seems to have the most accurate forecasts and that is the quickest way to get their updates. I haven’t been saying much on Twitter other than promoting the website. I really don’t know what to tweet about. I don’t think I could tweet about every thing that happens every day and make it sound exciting. I’m pretty sure that my Commander Shepard jokes are getting old. I even post them on my Facebook. My latest status:

I’m Commander Shepard and Irene is my favorite hurricane to ever hit the Citadel.

Yes, I need help. I know this.