Irene blew through last night, the low pressure is moving out, and I still feel like shit. My hands and feet are still swollen and sore, my neck and back and hurt, my hip is killing me and I feel like I could sleep for a week. I am starting to agree with Green Day. Wake me when September ends.

There has always been this weird part of me that has enjoyed hurricane season because we get photos like this from the International Space Station…

As devastating as hurricanes can be, you have to admit this is a pretty cool picture.

That same part of me likes watching the panic that the threat of a hurricane brings to the Metro DC area. I don’t know what it is about this area but no one is prepared for anything. In the 12 years or so that we have lived here this is the second hurricane that I remember coming through.  The last one was Isabella. People panicked then, they panicked this time and they panic every time a snowflake is seen in the winter. It’s incredible. Metro DC has it’s own form of panic that one other area can touch.

We were at the grocery store Friday…actually we were at several grocery stores. Shopping for us is just like that because of the allergy issues in the house. Store number one was sold out of chips, Beef-a-Roni, Spaghettio’s, water and Spam. Store number two was sold out of yogurt. Yes, yogurt. Go figure. Reports were coming in that there were no batteries, flashlights or generators to be found. Seriously?

Two winters ago we had two storms that came to be known as Snowmageddon and Snowpocolypse. People were without electric then, depending on the area up to a week. So what I want to know is what did everyone do with the flashlights and generators that were bought then? A storm comes through and there isn’t flashlights, generators, or snow shovels to be found and yet the next storm that comes through all the same things are gone. Where do they go? Do people give these things away three months later where there is no more threat? I am really starting to think so. Even after living here 12 years I can’t adapt.

I grew up in the snow belt of Ohio. It was nothing to have blizzards that dropped 4 feet of snow. I remember one winter I was walking up the drive way to the school bus and the snow was taller than me. I have always been short and there was really that much snow. Also, school didn’t close for too much. I can count the number of snow days we had on both hands and have fingers left over. As soon as a snowflake falls here almost every school cancels classes. I so don’t get it. I never will.

In other news…

Last spring/summer our neighbors cat moved in with us. No idea why, she just thought we were the shit and made herself at home. I would always send the cat home with our neighbor when he came over and she would just come right back. Eventually we gave up and just accepted we had a cat. I liked the cat. Everyone liked the cat. Here’s a picture of the cat.

She was a good cat. She went outside to use the bathroom and would come back in. She never caused any problems. About two weeks ago we let her out to do her business and she didn’t come back. Now, normally, we could find her sunning herself on the porch or the balcony. Sometimes she would be hanging out in the bush buy the stairs. For a week we couldn’t find her. The neighbors hadn’t seen her. She showed back up a few days ago acting like she was hurt, but we couldn’t figure out were, and acting sort of sick, only she didn’t seem horribly sick. She wasn’t dehydrating and was eating.  We kept an eye on her as best as we could. She started escaping the house the second a door was open when before she couldn’t care less. Again, she would be missing for a day or longer at a time. We were really worried about her and were looking for a vet in the area. The last vet we used is almost an hour away at one of the Petco stores, and I wasn’t really all that pleased with how they had treated my dog.  She came in yesterday under protest because of the storm. We got up this morning to find her dead. Everyone in the house is really bummed out about it.

I wonder what happened to her when she was gone that week and we couldn’t find her.