I have horribly neglected the blog the last few months because I have been so sick. Guess I blew that entire Blog-a-day thing, huh? I will get to that in a minute though. I logged in to find that I had 11 pending comments. Of those two were in Russian and I have no idea what they say so I have no idea if I should approve them, 1 was a legit comment…well, actually two were but the one wasn’t all that relevant and will be a blog entry in itself later because of the topic and the rest were from a well know Sims 3 forum troll who really should not be allowed to play on the internet.  So glad that my blog is being stalked by a troll.

I so miss my stalker from my days of blogging on myspace and all his personalities. Good times. Good times. (For the record, he was harmless, just very very strange.)

In today’s happenings we had a 5.9 earthquake. All they keep talking about on the news is how people ran out of buildings screaming.  Really? It’s more newsworthy that people ran out of buildings screaming than the fact we had an earthquake. People in the DC Metro area are a bunch of pansies. The panic over everything from a dusting of snow to a fly farting. I am sure that the earthquake did more than just rock their world. I am fully expecting to hear in a week that half the population now has PTSD. Seriously, it wouldn’t surprise me.

So, to catch everyone up to date…I recently had to have gall bladder surgery. It came as a surprise to me that it needed done. I was at the rheumatoid and h was going over some blood tests and my liver enzymes were high. He sent me back to my GP who drew blood again, and they were even higher. I was promptly pulled off all pain medications and sent for a liver ultrasound. I was told that I had a fatty liver and that my gall bladder was “irritated”. The fatty liver is from all the NSAIDs I have had to take over the years for fibromylagia, bursitis and arthritis. It also means that my bile production is compromised. Having my gall bladder out makes things interesting. The liver can compensate for not having a gall bladder, but my liver is in rather questionable shape so digesting food is always an adventure. On the upside I am not constantly sick. The downside is that I am on a low-fat to no-fat diet. Anything over 10g of fat makes my stomach hurt very bad. I am  not talking upset hurt, I am talking the stabbing pain kind of hurt and that feeling that you sometimes get that feels like you swallowed a baked potato whole. The best part of surgery was that, in lieu of not being able to take NSAIDs and being allergic to narcotics, I got to do it without pain medication. Recovery was fun and the bruising was awesome. I have never been so bruised before from anything in my entire life….even other surgeries. My surgeon, who looks like Weird Al, told me he was surprised I wasn’t a hell of a lot sicker because it should have come out a long time ago it was so bad. Great.

Through all of this I have been keeping my mind off of the pain of everything by playing Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite blog on the Citadel.

I love Dragon Age because the story is such that you really start to care about your characters and what happens to them. Mass Effect is the same way. I was so sad when I got to 2 and Kaidan Alenko was in it for only a couple minutes. I so wanted Kaidan back and I have to wait until March of next year to see him again. I am obsessively reading everything that is being released about Mass Effect 3. I am really impatient. These RPGs are so well done that it’s like reading a novel, only it’s interactive and you get to make decisions about what is going to happen. More games should be done this way. Wait…maybe that is a bad idea..I would really have no life then…