Well, I might as well give in, I have failed remarkable at this Post-a-Day thing. I hate it when life intrudes and gets in the way of doing all the things that you want to do.  My focus has been so many different places  and hopefully I can get this blog back on track, or at least mostly back on track.

The Food Allergies Entry –
Oh yes, food allergies have reared their ugly head again. I think this has been the worst it’s ever been. The victim: my 11 year old son.

In my house there seems to be some weird genetic marker with my kids that the second puberty starts there is a knock at the door. You answer it and find some shady character standing there saying, “Hello and welcome to puberty. We were out of fruit baskets so enjoy this bag of shit.” You are then handed a plain brown lunch bag with the child’s name on it. As you start to open it and look inside the shady character dissolves into mist and is blown away by the breeze. The contents of the bag is nothing but a note written in an elusive code that must be decoded as quickly as possible before the child ends up getting horribly sick or possibly dies.

Have I mentioned I hate food allergies?

So, this time around it’s Dakota and we have no idea what is going on because he’s gotten the bonus package. We thought Cherokee had it bad, but it appears she was just the trial run for Dakota. We got it right with her and no one died (she came close twice) so the powers that be in the universe decided to up it’s allergy game without warning.

Dakota starts screaming in pain out of nowhere about three weeks or so ago. Long story short we take him to Urgent Care where they tell us they think it’s a small kidney stone that didn’t show up on an x-ray and sends us home. Two days later the pain is worse and he can’t keep anything down and we end up at the ER where we are told that it’s muscle strain and he’s giving a drug that makes him trip balls and we are sent home. A week later we end up back at the ER because things have gotten worse yet again.

We arrive at the ER at 8pm. We got to go home at 4am. We spent over 3 of these hours sitting in the waiting room where the water fountain was broken. We spent another hour and an half in the exam room where we were ignored. At some point we asked for something for Dakota to drink and were told he couldn’t have anything because it was a stomach issue. He gets up off the cot to go to the bathroom and collapses because he’s dehydrated. Everyone at the nurses/doctors station just sit and stare. No one comes to find out why a little boy has folded like an accordion on the floor. At 1:30 in the morning I finally go out and talk to a nurse. When is someone going to be in? We have been there since 8pm, he’s not had dinner, he’s not had anything to drink in that time and 6 and a half hours in the ER is too long without seeing someone. I am told “Well, it’s been busy.” That is no excuse for this. Really. I tell her that if someone isn’t in there in the next 20 mins we are leaving. It proceeds to get worse. The doctor comes in and orders blood and an abdominal ultrasound.  The nurse draws blood and asks another nurse to drop it off at the lab on the way to his ultrasound. We go to ultrasound where we spend an hour because the ultrasound tech forgot to take a series of pictures and had to come back and do them. On the way back from ultrasound it’s discovered his blood was never dropped off at the lab. It’s taken down there and we have to wait another  hour for that. Finally the doctor comes back and tells us everything is normal and she has no idea what is wrong. I am given a copy of his test results and we are sent home.

Everything is normal.

If everything is normal why are his eosinophil levels high? Why in the world do doctors ignore eos numbers? Why do they even draw them if they are going to ignore them? Seriously? These are specialized white blood cells that fight parasites and are released in course of certain types of allergic reactions and asthma. Allergies have to be bad in order to raise the eos level.

Cherokee always has high a high eosinophil count. She also has asthma and a list of allergies as long as my arm. It is also believed she has eosinophilic esophagitis but that has not been confirmed because no one wants to do a scope unless it’s necessary.

So, now it’s off to the pediatrician. By this point I am horribly stressed. There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t start screaming in pain at some point. The doctor looks at his test results and concludes that it’s probably reflux and heartburn all related to allergies…after all, his eos levels are high. Some asking very direct questions of Dakota reveals that he’s been getting sick from eating rice…and we have a lot of rice with meals because of celiac disease. The doctor puts him on Prevacid and orders allergy testing.  She believes he also has eosinophilic esophagitis. His list of environmental allergens is huge. Food allergies we have no idea because the stupid lab didn’t draw one of the tests. That is another nightmare story so we have to do food trials. What we do know: peanuts, eggs, rice, mango, broccoli, cauliflower, honey, onions, peppers, oatmeal, pork and shellfish. Any one of these foods will make him quit breathing or cause horrible reflux pain. It was confirmed that he also has celiac disease.

My Health Update –
Went back to the rheumatoid last week. Had another cortisone shot in my hip. This time it didn’t help. I was also pulled off of some of my meds because my liver enzymes are up. Was sent over to my GP who drew blood again and I am waiting to hear from him. Yes, I feel like crap and I am always tired. To make matters worse, it’s allergy season and I can’t breathe well enough to use my CPAP.

So, that has been life here. I did get a Nook Color and I gave the Nook to one of my daughters because I was tired of watching her try and carry around her computer to read. The Nook Color is awesome. They recently came out with a firmware update that allows you to run applications on it like Angry Birds. It’s really more than an e-reader, it’s a portable computer similar to an iPad.

I have also started Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Awesome stuff. Wish I had discovered this a long time ago. Speaking of Gaiman, Good Omens was an awesome book. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s really one of the best books I have read. Check out the last two entries on Neil’s Goodreads blog as well as everything he links to. It’s kind of important to read it all where you get the big picture and can fully appreciate the absurdity of it all.  He’s been drug into a political circus by one Matt Dean of Minnesota. Dean proves something that I have been saying for a very long time.  Politicians often open their mouths about things that they shouldn’t. They think they know everything there is to know about something, because their aide gave them the Readers Digest Condensed version. After all, politicians are too busy and to important to do their own research about stuff they are elected to know about and make decisions on. In the end they know just enough about these things to be dangerous but not enough to be well informed, or heaven forbid, educated on the matters at hand.

Dean, more or less, publicly stated – it ended up in a public newspaper so he might as well have said it publicly rather than in a semi-closed political arena – that he hated Neil Gaiman and called him a “Pencil-necked weasel who stole $45K from the state of Minnesota”. Neil has responded to all of this like a gentleman and with a good deal of humor. The best part of it all is that the more Dean talks on the subject of Gaiman, the more of an idiot he looks like. He even issued a half-assed public apology to Neil because, get this, his mother made him.

His mother made him. Maybe we should start electing the mothers of politicians rather than the actual politicians.