Just when I thought I was going to be back blogging again on a daily basis, I have ended up taking care of a rather sick little boy.  In the last week we have been to Urgent Care once and the ER twice and the doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with my son.  He’s having bad muscle cramps that are causing him to scream in pain that are traveling around his body.  It’s not like it’s one spot, it started with his left side which made people think it was a kidney stone, then it moved to his back.  In the last week it’s been to the front part of his side, his chest and stomach.  He’s also having a hard time keeping things down because of his pain levels from it all.  This last trip to the ER they did an ultrasound on everything they could see in his abdomen.  Everything is normal.  His blood work is normal.  His urine is normal.

Our local ER is the epitome of chaos too.  The last trip we spent 10 hours there.  4 of that was in the waiting room, another hour and a half of that was in the exam room waiting for someone to come in to see him.  Another hour was wasted when the nurse forgot to drop his blood off at the lab where they could run it while he was in ultrasound, which took longer than it needed to because the tech forgot to take some pictures.  We got there at almost 8pm and got home at almost 5am…and we live 10 mins away.  Seriously.

That was Thursday night.  Last night I was up half the night with him.  I might get some decent sleep sooner or later.