A toy designer friend of mine sent me this picture and told me that it was the worst toy idea ever.

These are King Kong Electronic Fists.  Now, the kid looks like he is feeling this toy a lot more than my friend does.  I pulled the following description off of Entertainment Earth:

Peter Jackson, the man behind the amazing Lord of the Rings Trilogy, has turned his attention to the cinema classic King Kong. Just like the super-popular Hulk Hands, these King Kong fists fit over your hands and makes crashing sounds when you hit them against things!From the jungles of Skull Island to the streets of New York City, slip your hands into these massive Kong forearms and get ready to take a walk on the wild side! Covered with realistic Kong fur, the left arm features impact activated crash-‘n-bash sound effects for maximum King Kong battle action!


All I can say is WOW!  So, we took the green Hulk Hands, painted them gray-black and gave them realistic Kong fur – whatever that is.  My friend assures me that these are more for banging on your chest with like Tarzan, walking on all fours and picking bugs off your mate with.  I think the hands are a little big to be picking bugs off anyone with, but I bet they make some cool King Kong noise, if, indeed, King Kong noises are cool, if you smashed a bug while wearing them.

The ultimate item to go with these would be a Fay Raye Barbie.  Just saying.

I just got this in my email and thought that I would share it just because if the guy over at Hello Kitty Hell can swallow his hate and promote this than I should pass it along.  The Sanrio store is today, March 31, 2001, donating 100% of their sales to help Japan.  If you want anything Hello Kitty, or if you want to just stock up early on Christmas gifts, now is the time to get it.  Just click on the Sanrio button below.

On that note, I am off.  It’s 3:13 am where I am and I should really get some sleep.

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