Thursday I found myself having to reformat my computer.  This is really my own fault because I didn’t do it right the first time.  A number of weeks ago, I have no concept of time so we are going with a number of weeks ago.  It could be two weeks or it could be 20 weeks.  It’s obscure enough that I don’t have to pinpoint the time or look it up in my vast array of emails complaining to my friends or on my Sims 3 message board or somewhere else.  A number of weeks a Windows update did bad things to my computer causing it to crash, and crash hard.  We are not talking recoverable crash either.  We are talking the kind of crash that makes most people hyperventilate, cry and call tech support only to be told that the computer must be reset back to factory and that hopefully a back up of files was done recently.  Now, I am geek enough to own an Alienware computer.  Yes, I bought an Alienware computer to play the Sims.  Don’t judge me.  I am also geek enough to know how to fix my own computer.

I will stop for a moment for the brain or two that has been paying attention and needs time to do the math.  Girl + DnD + Magic the Gathering + Computer Nerd + Trekkie (okay, we really haven’t touched on this in my blog but let me just say I have my own bat’leth hanging on the wall and that should say enough) + Star Wars Nerd (Did I ever mention my Darth Vader M&M jar that sits on my desk?) + some other geek things = OMG!! Female Geeks Really Do Exist!!!!  They Aren’t Creatures of Myth and Legend!!!

Caught up now?  Good.  Moving on.

So, a Windows Update took down my computer.  It may have been coincidence but I choose to blame Microsoft since they are the root of all that is evil with computers and reminds many people of the Borg.  I knew this meant I would have to reformat.  No my drive wasn’t backed up.  I grabbed a spare drive, installed it, threw Windows on it, hooked up the USB SATA dock, moved everything from my main drive to my secondary drive…that is there for storage and backup, switched out drives again and installed Windows.  Being in a hurry and horribly frustrated, I decided that I didn’t need to update Vista and just upgraded to 7 thinking that 7 updates would take care of everything.


So, I have had a few minor buggy issues because of this.  Those buggy issues are becoming more and more and I finally gave up in frustration and decided to reformat.  Moved everything back to the secondary drive.  Tried to respawn.  Didn’t work.  I was told that my Windows disk wasn’t a valid system disk.  Huh?  Set up the hidden admin account, went to DOS prompt (yes, I still call it a DOS prompt), format :\u.  Am I sure I want to format the disk?  After all, all information will be erased.


You can’t do that, Dave.


I’m sorry.  You can’t do that, Dave.

Since when can’t I format the partition with the OS?  Since I rushed through the last install and didn’t update Vista.  Crap.

I go looking for that spare hard drive that is laying around.  It’s nowhere to be found.  I discover my husband decided to use it as a storage compartment for a large number of files that are the result of an a chronic downloading habit.  And I thought I was bad with downloading custom content for the Sims.  He’s got me beat.  Now how in the word am I going to reformat?  I don’t have the room on the C drive to move all the movies that I have on the D drive.  It’s not big enough.

You know what this means, right?

I have to go buy a bigger hard drive.  At the computer store…and I mean a real computer store, not Best Buy who tries to masquerade as a computer store, about putting a 1TB drive in my computer. 1tb drives are a bit thicker than other drives and won’t fit in a number of computer cases.  Well, I bought my Alienware from them so I thought they could answer my question.  “I know that you can order the M17X from Alienware with a 1TB drive, did they recently modify the cases where they fit those in?”

“I don’t know.  They might have, but you don’t want one.  They run slower and for gaming you really want the faster 750 gig drive.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him I don’t do online gaming so it doesn’t matter to me.

So, I went from a 150 gig drive to a 750 gig drive.  And this time I installed Windows properly.  I also have a spare drive now in case something happens where I need to play musical drives.  Now I have to install all my other software.  I keep getting distracted though.

While the computer was reformatting I finished Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  If you like science fiction/fantasy/horror you should really check out Neil.  His stuff is awesome.  Neverwhere is about a man named Richard who is from London who meets an injured girl named Door, from a Different London, and helps her, getting sucked out of his reality into his own to help her find an angel who killed her family.  It was an awesome book and I promptly started Interworld.  It’s more of a young adult book but I won’t discriminate who a book is written for if it’s entertaining and well written.  Look at Harry Potter.  It was an awesome book for what it was and who it was written for.  I wish more books were written like that for kids and young adults.

Interworld is a distraction to getting my computer done…and it’s on my Nook so it’s an even bigger distraction.  Then there is the new Pokemon White game I have for my DSi.  Distraction.

Why do we all keep playing Pokemon games?  Seriously?  It’s not like they change much from game to game.  Magikarp still only knows splash and it’s not very effective.  Nurse Joy, or whatever her name is at the PokeCenter, still wants our pokemons to get the snot kicked out of them.  How else do you explain, after healing your pokemon, she says, “We hope to see you again”?  Seriously?!?

Magic the Gathering…distraction.  I built an elf infect deck through all this.  I just ordered two copies of Khalni Hydra for it.

Then there are things on the internet that are a distraction…like this Freshly Pressed blog entry about Living with a Terrorist.  My cat isn’t so much a terrorist as a house guest that doesn’t know when to leave and go home.  In fact, she is so much a house guest that has overstayed her welcome that I am not sure if she’s my cat now or not.

She belongs next door…or at least she used to.  I don’t know where she belongs any more.

At some point last summer, while my daughter was pet sitting for the neighbors while on vacation, the cat decided to come over when she needed something…even if it was just a pat on the head.  She would come in the house and visit for a bit then leave and go on her way.  One day she decided to stay a bit longer.  It became a regular exercise at night, when Kris would leave to go home after playing DnD or MTG he would pick up the cat and take her with him back to his sister.  The next day the cat would be right back over.  Ignoring her and not letting her in the house just resulted in her giving us the look of death through the patio window and meowing like she was being killed.

Needless to say, the cat won.

She eats out of the dogs dishes.  We feed high quality and expensive cat food to the ferrets and it’s all the dog will eat, so it works out well for the cat.  She earns her keep and kills the mice that get in the house…even if sometimes she pukes up mouse bits under my desk.  Everything gets in the house from snakes to mice to lizards to giant mutant spiders.  We are talking Earth vs. the Spider giant and mutant here.  I kid you not.  When we had the exterminator out last summer he tried to tell me that spiders do not get that big.  Then he seen one of the small ones.  “That’s a huge spider!”  No kidding…and that’s a SMALL one.  Seriously, when you have spiders the size of your palm without legs you have a spider problem.

Back to the cat.  She’s not much of a problem and she provides us with amusement.  She allows us to pet her and she sleeps in a cardboard box in the living room that sits on it’s side, much like a hobo.  She’s not the sort of cat that will impose herself on someone.  She’s the sort of cat that will sit next to you or in front of you and stare at you until you feel guilty for not paying attention to her.

I don’t know which is worse, a terrorist cat, or one that can impose more guilt on you than a Jewish mother.

Yesterday, before we started our daily errands, we had to take our oldest daughter to the doctor.  She has, what we believe to be the start of fibromyalgia…at 17.  If she does life is going to suck for her.  While we were there my body did something wonderful…it produced that wonderful rash that I get on my face.  The doctor got to see it up close and personal without a picture.

“When did this show up?”
“While sitting in your office here.”
“This tells me something.  I am more convinced now it’s a malar butterfly rash.  Do you have your appointment made with the rheumatoid?”  I get the I am going to yell at you if you don’t look.
“Yes, next Thursday.”

But it’s never lupus…except that one time it was.


When we get home for the day it’s back to the computer do research lupus some more.  Apparently this rash can be brought on by exposure to ultraviolet rays…like sunshine or florescent lighting found in the doctors office.  Every day it looks more and more like lupus despite what my blood work says.

When my neuro diagnosed my fibro, she ran blood work to check for arthritis and stuff.  It was all negative but when I went in for my nuclear bone scan, arthritis showed up.  One can never believe my blood work.  Everyone lies…including my blood tests.

Last week my husband said to me, “I hope this is lupus.”
The only proper response to that was “What the hell?”
“Well, it’s something that they can treat.”
“You do realize that there is no cure for lupus, right?  It’s a chronic problem, where, more-or-less, the body has become allergic to itself.”
“OH!” He says in pure horror.  “I thought that it could be cured.  Now I look like a total asshole.  I take back what I said.”

And that, folks, is why you should never open your mouth and say something when you have no idea what you are talking about.

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