Friday I had full intentions of coming home after running errands and going to Friday Night Magic for the first time and blogging all about FNM but that didn’t happen.  I was so tired I could barely function for three days.  I kind of thought that was going to happen and I thought I was prepared for it.  I wasn’t.  Normal, every day things should not take this kind of toll on the human body.  It prevents one from living.

In the midst of my recovery I had my entry for SIFF to work on.  More on that in a moment.  As I was working on that I was horribly distracted by the tragedy in Japan.  I have been watching the news half expecting to hear of a nuclear explosion that wipes half of Japan off the planet.  I really don’t know how they are ever going to recover from this.  It’s going to take a very long time to rebuild from the earthquake and now they have the added problem that they have to find a way to restore power while rebuilding…provided some of those areas can be rebuilt and that it’s not the nuclear wasteland I half expect it is or is going to be.  It’s going to take the world a while to recover as well.  It looks like the third largest economy in the world may collapse in the wake of this natural disaster.  All we can do is watch and wait and hope for the best.

There is something that really bothers me about this.  This is going to be one of those things that some people are thinking but no one is saying out loud.  Remember the earthquake that hit Haiti last year?  Remember how everyone on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else was talking about how we had to help Haiti and there were numbers passed around like candy where you could text something on your phone to donate to help Haiti?  All we heard about was Haiti this and Haiti that.  Not to sound insensitive to Haiti and all, but where is that support for Japan?  In fact, where was support for New Zealand last month?  Here it  four days after the Japan earthquake, they are still being hit by aftershocks after surviving a large related tsunami and now they are experiencing one of the worst nuclear disasters since Chernobyl and they have only received a fraction of financial support that Haiti did.


Four days after the Haiti earthquake $150 million was raised.  Here it is four days after the Japan earthquake and only $23 million has been raised.  Do people feel that Japan doesn’t need the same kind of support because it’s a more wealthy country than Haiti?  That doesn’t change the fact that there are thousands of people without homes, food or water and  millions without power.  That doesn’t change that the country is in pieces with entire towns destroyed.  With those towns jobs are gone.  Jobs that supply things that rest of the world has come depend on.

By helping Japan we are helping ourselves.

Moving on…

The season finale of V aired today.  I am going to be really really unhappy if they do with it what they did with the original and just leave everything unresolved.  There are so many questions.  There  is no word on if it’s been picked up for another season and who knows when we will find out.  I am sure the best that we can hope for again is a mid-season replacement since ABC refuses to release the show to Hulu or share it on their website for those who watch TV online.  I know that has pissed off a number of fans and because of it many people have abandoned the series.

Friday Night Magic went well.  I took three of the kids and they had some major geek socialization.  My autistic daughter did well despite it being a small area with a lot of people and a lot of noise.  She interacted and I didn’t have to remind her about her lack of people skills.  It was pretty cool.  It was also awesome to have other people to play with other than our neighbor.  I ended up with a holo FNM promo copy of Wall of Omens for being there.

My SIFF video is done and can be viewed HERE ON YOUTUBE.  It didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but it works.  I had so many things go wrong with putting it together I almost dropped out at the last moment.

Over the weekend, one of the things that I did was purchase a Nook.  I love my new toy and I already have a ton of books on it.  I really should have gotten one of these sooner.  I am considering tossing my DnD Campaigns that I have downloaded on it just to be an uber geek.  What’s funny is that a friend of mine purchased a different e-reader over the weekend as well.  We never mentioned to the other we were getting one.  We just said something after the fact.  It’s sometimes weird to me how much we think a like.   Anyway, I am considering doing book reports on the blog.  I started doing this on my old blog that I have since deleted.

So, that is that.  My last few days in a nutshell.  I really wish that I hadn’t been so tired since Friday.  I would give anything to have my life back instead of being crippled by what is wrong with my body.

And the Year of the Rabbit cute bunny of the day…