Thursday I ended up having that weird facial rash that I get that I have always assumed was a food allergy thing going on.  The problem is, with that theory, of late it means I am allergic to everything.  I never mentioned it to the doctor or really thought much of it because I thought it was a food allergy thing going on.  I also didn’t think it would do any good to say anything to the doctor because the rash was never there when I went into see him and a doctor can’t diagnose and treat something he can’t see.  So, knowing I was going to the doctor on Friday I had my daughter take a picture of my face with my cell phone.  That I can take to the doctor and my phone has this awesome zoom feature.

So, Friday I am at the doctor, tell him that the new pain medication isn’t working and he gives me something else…arthrotec.  The active ingredient is diclofenac sodium.  Well, I have a script from my neuro for the topical gel of this stuff and it works well for me so I have high hopes that it’s going to work well.  So far it seems to.  So this is when I bring up the rash and hand him my phone.  “Does this help any with sorting all this out?” I ask and proceed to tell him about the rash.  He looks at the picture and says it might be rosacea.  He then figures out how to zoom in and I get the look and he asks “How long has this been going on?”  Translated: Why didn’t you tell me about this before?  This is serious stuff!  No wonder we can’t get your pain meds straight and you feel like crap.  I should choke you with my stethoscope. See, my doctor is very much like Dr. House without the cane and bad attitude.  He’s good, doesn’t give up easily and he has an awesome bedside manner.  He’s gotten this Patients Choice award the last 3 years in a row and has been named one of the best doctors in the area by some major local magazine.  After looking at the picture on zoom he changes his mind quickly from rosacea to lupus, gives me the name and number of a specialist and I get to donate two large and one small vial of blood to the diagnostic cause.  He also tells me that no matter what the blood work says he’s not convinced it’s not lupus.  He actually said, “It fits.”  What did I learn from this?  The writers of House got inside the brains of doctors and House says what doctors are actually saying but don’t say for fear of pissing off their patients and loosing their medical license.  My doctor did expand on that afterward and told me that it explains my problems with pain medications and based on my medical history this would explain what’s going on and was probably missed because of the overlap of symptoms with my fibromyalgia and thyroid problem.

After some research I find out that that vitamin d deficiency (something I am on rx vitamin supplements for) is common with lupus…as is thyroid problems and fibromyalgia.

In the end I should have told the doctor about the rash months ago but I didn’t think it was anything problematic.

So, here I am with a referral to a specialist and a pending diagnosis of lupus.  Yay me?  I have been telling people for some time that I don’t feel well and I feel so badly most days that I don’t get a lot done, including blogging.  I am feeling really horrible that my post a day thing has gone to either a post every other day or post a week.  I am really trying.  I am starting to feel that people think I am full of crap and don’t believe me, that no one feels sick for as long as I have been complaining about not being well.  Undiagnosed and untreated medical problems do that, and we are talking about lupus here.

Also while I was reading about lupus on the net I discovered that some people feel better on a mostly vegan diet.  The same thing goes for fibro patients.  Well, I have always felt better when I avoid meat so regardless of what is going on, if it’s going to help me feel better I would be dumb for not getting rid of most animal based items from my diet.   Here’s hoping that it helps.  I just know that last night, after eating salad and a peach salsa with some cocktail shrimp that it was the first time in I don’t know how long that I didn’t feel like puking after eating something.  I take this as a good sign.  Here’s hoping I start to feel better by changing my diet.

In other news…last night one of my kids dislocated her shoulder…picking up the cat.  I felt bad for laughing, it’s pain I can sympathize with since I have dislocated my knee more than once.  That is blinding pain that will cause me to pass out…and I have a high pain tolerance (all things considered, this is probably a good thing).  What made me laugh was she did it picking up the cat.  Who dislocates their shoulder picking up a cat?  She moved her arm and it went back into place but it still hurts.  I gave her my arm sling and something for pain.

I finally ordered a set of four Consecrated Spinx for my my Magic deck built around Psychosis Crawler and a second copy of Jace Beleren.  The second copy of Jace is actually for my other deck that makes someone draw their entire deck of cards.  I have not ever beaten anyone with that deck (it’s been fun trying) so for the time being I dropped the second copy into my Crawler deck.  My next door neighbor friend who got me into Magic wants us to go up to Friday Night Magic with him next week.  He wants to see me take on others with that deck.  I am also considering altering my portal deck a bit to make it Type 2 legal.  My husband was questioning me about the Consecrated Spinx.  He can’t quite wrap his brain around the entire idea.  He’s sure that I am going to end up depleting my deck and killing myself.  Seriously? I have won with this deck and it was such a brutal win that the next round everyone ganged up on me to kill me first.  He really can’t wrap his head around how this deck works.  Maybe I should have him play a round or two with us (he sort of knows how to play) where he can experience what it does.

EDIT: I published this earlier today and I just now realized I forgot the bunny picture celebrating the Year of the Rabbit.