The mind boggles.  It really does.

Now, I don’t normally pay any mind to those sorts of things that tabloids report.  I don’t believe half of what they say because the stories always come from someone who knows someone who knows the celebrity in question.  I also really don’t care what goes on in the lives of celebrities.  If you think about it, there are people out there who do the same crazy stuff that celebrities do every day and we don’t hear about it because, they aren’t famous.  It’s like celebs aren’t allowed to be human beings with all the faults and failures as the rest of us.  If they screw up their life is plastered all over the tabloids, newspapers, TV and internet for all to see.  It seems they also aren’t afforded the privacy that the rest of us are.

The latest celebrity scandal I only about because of a press release that came into my inbox and I decided to look up what was going on.  I still don’t have all the details and I probably don’t want them.  What I do know is enough to make my brain hurt.

Seems Charlie Sheen had one hell of a bender in the form of a 36 hour party filled with drugs, booze and sex.  The first thing that I want to know is that if he were as tanked up as everyone is reporting, how in the world was he able to preform between the sheets?  That is pretty amazing.

Porn star Kacey Jordan was at this party of Sheen’s.  It seems that Sheen has gone through a number of porn stars, according to various sources, including Bree Olson, Capri Anderson, Ginger Lynn, Melonie Rios and Christina Walsh.  True irony would be if Sheen’s escapades reflected negativity on these girls and it ruined their careers.   I don’t see that happening though.

Now, before I go any further, I need to issue some sort of disclaimer.  I don’t make it a habit of doing the gossip thing.  I have always prided myself that my adult movie review site doesn’t stoop to the levels of some of the sites and report on porn star gossip.  I don’t see a reason for it or a place.  Porn stars are people too and deserve the respect that one would afford another human being.  This Kacey Jordan/Charlie Sheen thing just makes me scratch my head though.  I am sure that both of them are good human beings that have just made some bad choices.  Everyone does that.  None of us are immune.  When the rest of us screw up we have friends that never let us forget.

The one thing about all this that just screams drama to me is this.  According to one report she has told Sheen that she never wanted all this publicity but another report states that she’s taking money from various sources to tell the story of what happened the night of The Now Famous Party Charlie Sheen Threw.  So, if she never wanted this kind of publicity why is she talking to everyone?  Is this a game of If The Price is Right or is this the tabloids making up shit like tabloids do?  This isn’t what makes me scratch my head though.

The big head scratcher is her pregnancy.  Now, again according to Radar On Line, this is the second time she’s been pregnant.  The first time around the guy in question was K-Fed.  This time around she’s not sure if the father is Sheen but reports are that, once again, she’s having an abortion.   What I want to know is this…Kacey Jordan is a porn star which means she has sex for a living.  Obviously she’s not taking birth control.  So, how is it that she is able to prevent getting pregnant while on set but not in her personal life?  Trying to figure out the logistics of that is giving me a headache.  In theory one would think that someone in the sex industry would be equally as cautious in both their professional life as their personal one because this is one place that the two things can easily overlap and cause problems for everyone.  All anyone has to do is look at the most recent HIV scare involving a porn star to see that.

Now, I pose another question.  See this picture of K-Fed?  I pulled it from The Hollywood Gossip.  Is there anyone out there who really wants to get his look?  Seriously?  He looks like a complete idiot in this picture and HG’s advertising thing that they have set up is using this picture to promote K-Fed’s fashion sense.  We can all just go down to the local Target or Wal-Mart and pick up a wife beater and stripped button down shirt to duplicate this look if we really wanted to without spending a ton of money.  It cracks me up that all these fashion magazines and websites assume that everyone who reads them has the means to spend $100 or more on item of clothing.  The few times that I have decided that there was an expensive piece of clothing that I wanted and couldn’t live without I had to save for it.  Why should I spend upwards of $50 on one item when, if I sharp smart, I can buy a number of pieces of clothing for my wardrobe for the same cost as that one item?  This is another reason that I don’t I don’t frequent these celeb gossip sites.  The amount of pretentiousness is sickening.

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