I seem to have the worst case of writers block .  I can’t come up with story lines for my Sim projects and I can’t seem to come up with anything to blog about.   I hate it when this happens.  Maybe it’s because I had to reformat the computer and lost everything I was working on.  Maybe it was where I got sick and really couldn’t do much.  I have no idea.  I am trying really hard to get back into the groove of things.

I did notice something a bit new with my blog.  It’s become kind of popular…with the sort of people who leave comments telling you how great your writing is and how great a particular blog entry is and you can tell by the comment that they really didn’t read what you wrote.    They are just leaving a comment where they can get their link in your comments.  Hey spammers, let me in on a secret…I know all about SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing.  It’s what I do…or at least what I did before the economy went to hell and I got sick last year.  It’s been about a year since I have done any real work in those arenas but not much has changed.  And spamming my blog isn’t going to get you your links.  Maybe if you had something meaningful to contribute that shows you actually read what I wrote instead of doing a copy/paste of a canned response that will work for most blogs.

Seriously.  Get a hint and take your fake flattery somewhere it will be appreciated, like to Tila Tequilas blog.  You don’t really think that I believe that you really think that the rant about my gas company being part of Skynet is the greatest piece of blog literature on the planet do you?  I wrote a story in third grade about dogs and cats trading places that no one in my class understood that was better literary quality than that particular blog.  I always was the weird kid…

Here’s your cute bunny picture of the day.