Well, I have really blown this post a day thing, haven’t I?  Can I get a pass this time if I say I was sick?  I was…sort of.  I think a very bad drug interaction counts as sick.

I have been on this pain med called Tramadol for a number of years for back and hip pain.  It’s the first pain medication I have ever been put on that hasn’t given me crazy side effects.  About 8 months or so ago when I found my new GP after my gyn told me my blood pressure was up he put me on Savella to get my fibro under control.  I was on both medications for 8 months without any problems.  Then something changed.  I don’t know what, but I started having really bad side effects of meds.  Maybe it’s where they built up in my system over time but I ended up with Serotonin Syndrome.   Two doctors missed it.  One of those doctors was at the urgent care clinic I went to when I couldn’t get in to see my doctor and the other was the cardiologist I was sent to.  I really wasn’t doing good and had to come off all my medications where they could be flushed out of my system before my drugs could be changed.  I was left on the Savella because I didn’t do well with the other fibro drug I was given some time back.  Every time I see a Lyrica advert on TV I comment on how one of the side effects is wall licking.  I was given a new pain med that seems to be working well for the arthritis pain in my neck and back, which is a good thing.  I think today is the first day I haven’t felt a  lot of hip pain.  Guess it just needed to be in my system for a while to hit the worst of my pain.

It’s hard to blog, or do anything, when your brain is so foggy that you can’t remember your own name.  It’s also very hard to concentrate when you are in enough pain to take down a small elephant…or large Marine.

Here’s a recent strip from another web comic I read called Spooky Doofus.

Now, I am not sure which is worse, that I recognized that the visitor to the Scare Emporium was a Beholder from Dungeons and Dragons, or that my daughter stood here and gave me his stats.  The only reason she knows this is because I introduced my kids to DnD and bought the Monster Manuals.  So, even that is somewhat my fault…

Either way you look at it, I am a huge nerd/geek.  I admit it.  Anyone who had read more than three posts here knows this.  This also reminds me…I picked up another Mirrodin Besieged fatpack and pulled some pretty awesome cards from it.  Sadly though I promised one of my kids the first four copies of Creeping Corrosion that  I pulled to go with the Fangreen Marauders she wanted for her tribal beast deck.  I did manage to build a deck based around the new living weapons that came with Besieged.  I have yet to play test it.

Friend of mine is spending his weekend at the New York Toy Fair.  I so wish I could be there with him.  I think that would be an awesome experience.

Here is your Year of the Rabbit bunny picture of the day: