I just realized that I didn’t post Ground Hog greetings yesterday.  I did blog, just not here.  I know it blows my post-a-day thing to hell and all.  That’s the hazard of running more than one site.  Anyway, my favorite groundhog picture from yesterday


















And now for the rabbit pictures for today, since it is the Year of the Rabbit.  This just gave me an idea….

My husband ran out to the store before he left for work to pick up some stuff that we really needed and he left the receipt on my desk.  Safeway really really needs to change their register receipt abbreviations.  Apparently he bought OCN SPRY JUCE COCK.  I don’t know what JUCE COCK is, and I probably don’t want to know.  It doesn’t sound healthy or wholesome.  That’s not the first weird thing I have seen on a register receipt.  Once we bought an X-LG GRANNY.  Guess we didn’t feel that standard size grannies were good enough.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.  I am aggravated with the doctor at the urgent care clinic, my cardiologist and CVS.  I don’t know if I should be annoyed with my GP.  That will be determined tomorrow.  My pain medication and my fibromyalgia medication don’t play nice together.  I have been on the pain med for probably three years now.  It’s the first pain med that I have found that works and doesn’t give me nasty side effects.  I love my fibro med because it keeps me out of the bathroom every 10 minutes and takes down the fibro pain.  Sadly though it doesn’t work on arthritis pain or whatever is causing the pain in my hip.  One of them has to go at the very least.

Tuesday night after going to bed and having my heart racing, my chest hurting, having problems breathing and feeling just plain horrible all day with some of the worst mental fog ever, it was so bad I was lucky to remember my name, I decided to check the side effects of my meds.  I don’t know why I never did this or if I just forgot what the print outs that CVS gave me said.  CVS’s computer should have really flagged my meds when the script for the second one was filled.  Maybe it did and I don’t remember.  I do remember at some point someone at the pharmacy asking me if my doctor was aware that I was on something…I just don’t remember what all that was about.

All this crap that I have been putting up with isn’t all just my blood pressure being up.  I don’t deny that I have blood pressure problems and probably need to be put on medication for it, but everything else, the chest tightness, the radical blood pressure changes, the sweating, the mental fog, the uncoordination, the agitation and anxiety is all part of Serotonin Syndrome, where the brain produces too much serotonin.  I am glad I am not dead because this crap could have killed me.  Now that I quit taking my meds all of that, except the high blood pressure is gone.  I am in a ton of pain but it’s better than the alternative.  That is what I was doing yesterday.  Trying to recover and dealing with pain.  Today I seem to be in more pain.

In lighter and happier news, tomorrow the new Magic the Gathering set, Mirridon Besieged, is released.  It’s going to be awesome!