I actually feel like I have been having one of those weeks. To recap, this is how it went…like crap.

I do think that I finally have the Sims installed which means I can start work on my SIFF entry and promo material and can get caught up reporting on my legacy family and working on my comic.  YAY!  I spent all day yesterday working on sorting out why the stupid game kept crashing every time I put my game files and custom content back in.  This meant a lot of loading CC in blocks then starting the game to see if it would run without crashing.  There was a lot of deleting of stuff and I primal scream therapy involved.  While working waiting for stuff to load I finished Neil Gaimans Smoke and Mirrors.  It’s a collection of short stories.  With all the doctors appointments I pulled it out thinking short stories are great reading material in waiting rooms.  Much better than out of date copies of People, Glamor and Golf Digest.  The book contained a rather cool story called Chivalry about an old woman who found the Holy Grail in a thrift store, another story called Troll Bridge, that I am sure that I have read somewhere before but can’t remember where and a very macabre and awesome retelling of Snow White called Snow, Glass, Apples.    Having finished that I have started on Neverwhere and I suddenly find myself wondering how many Neil Gaiman books I can read before the episode he wrote of Dr Who comes on.   I have always preferred British Literature over American.  No idea why.

So, today I hate to take the heart monitor back to the doctors office.  They charge $40 a day for each day it’s not returned.  I want to shove it up someones ass while there.  I really hope that I don’t have to redo the test.  Actually, if they tell me I do I think I am going to decline, even knowing that it’s going to cause a fight with the doctor.  The thing came off Saturday and I still have a rash that itches horribly as well as what looks to be brands of the XBOX Red Ring of Death on my body in three different spots where I am missing skin.  Any attempt to find out what is wrong with me where I can feel better that results in me feeling worse isn’t worth it…and this itching and burning and pain where the electrodes were just isn’t worth it.

This Post-a-Day thing is turning out to be kind of hard.  I am finding that there are just some days I don’t have anything to say.

There is this awesome comic called Reality Amuck that I read.  It’s a bit of a satirical look at the things going on in the world.  This is today’s comic:

The porno that is coming out in February called Not Charlie Sheen’s Wives tells me all that I need to know about him right now, and that is he screwed up in such Tiger Woods proportions that the adult industry can, and will, make money off of him.

Speaking of guys who can’t keep it in their pants, I noticed on the cover of some tabloid that Jessie James and Kat Von D are engaged after dating for only 6 months.  I am so confused by this, really.  It’s been very high profile that Jessie cheated on Sandra Bullock.  From what I understand he was also unfaithful to another of his ex-wives, porn star Janine Lindemulder.  What force of nature does Kat Von D think is going to keep James from cheating on her?  I will never understand why anyone puts themselves in a relationship with the potential to cause a lot of drama, pain and heartache.

Oh, and for the record, the only tabloid that I read is The Weekly World News.  However.  One must keep up with what Bat Boy is doing.  I only enjoy reading headlines on tabloids because many times two different magazines will be sitting next to each other with stories about the same celebrity and they contradict each other.  The following week the same magazine will even contradict itself.  It’s really kind of amusing.