I know I keep saying I will get this Blog a Day thing down, and I will, hopefully before December.  It’s hard to do when your computer goes down.  Thank you Windows Updates.  I did get a number of things accomplished yesterday:

I made it to the cardiologist to get my echocardiogram and my heart monitor.  This has been an experience.  I am not sure I like the staff at the doctors office.  The doctors were at their other office yesterday and the staff seemed very disorganized.  The echo tech was more impersonal that I like.  She also put me in pain.  I have had numerous body parts ultrasounded over the years and never before have I had someone push down so damn hard with the sensor.  I have a good tolerance for pain and I really thought what she did was unnecessary.  I wonder if she treats the senior citizens that go in there like that.

The heart monitor wires keep coming off and  I have to put them back on.  Hope that I don’t have to redo this test.  The sticky stuff on the electrodes are making me itch something horrible.  I know when I pull them off here in about 3 and a half hours I am going to have one hell of a rash from it.

I finally got all my Sims 3 content reinstalled. YAY! That took the better part of the day (at least the better part of the portion that I was home) because you can only install so much content at once and I had to do it in chunks.

Metro Interactive sent me one of the coolest press packs yesterday for the movie The Flying Pink Pig (THIS LINK IS NSFW).  I was really confused when I came back from the doctor and found the box on my porch.  I don’t normally get white boxes for screeners.  There was a Flying Pink Pig on sticker on the box.  Inside, I found a sealed lunch bag.  A lunch bag, how ingenious is that?  It contained the movie and all it’s press materials along with a small bottle of water with a pink cap and special promo label for the movie and a stress pig complete with wings and sunglasses.  I think this is going to be a fun movie to watch.  It was directed by Erica McLean, who used to direct the Barely Legal movies for Hustler.  She also did an awesome version of Alice with Evan Stone playing The Mad Hatter.  In the Flying Pink Pig, according to the press materials, Ron Jeremy and Nikki Hunter play the bad guys who are planning a hostile take over of the gourmet food truck The Pink Pig.

I finished going through memes yesterday.  I was a bit irritated because I had left my computer open when I went to bed Thursday and when I got up Friday more Windows Updates happened (at least the computer still works) and all my windows/tabs were closed so I had to start over.  I was reminded of many things as I went through the Know Your Meme website and learned of things that I am sad that I missed.  At the top of the list of things that I Wish Had Remained Forgotten was Randy Costan.  I am all for doing your own thing and it would be cool if every day was a Renn Fest but that doesn’t mean that I don’t find a grown man dressing like this kind of weird.

You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.  That last picture is from his wedding.  I knew, back in the early 90’s when he made a dating advert website looking for his Fairy Queen that thee was going to be someone with the same fetish who answered up.  It’s the way of the internet.  I am glad that he has found his Fairy Queen.  No matter how weird I find this guy, I am sure he’s an awesome person and I have to give him his props.  It takes balls to dress like that.  You almost can’t question his sexuality based on the first two pictures because his balls are so big.  I am sure his neighbors find him weird, or at least they found him weird in the beginning and are now used to him.  I would probably find him a bit weird in the beginning if he moved in next door to me tomorrow (it would be a huge improvement over the people we have there now who can’t control their damn Pit Bull that keeps trying to eat my kids) but weird is relative.  I found the Mexican neighbors we used to have odd.  I mean, they had 14 shovels (kept stealing ours and we would have to go get it back) and at 1:00am they were on their front lawn beating the shit out of a broken toilet with those shovels.  That’s just every bit as weird as Randy here.

I was going to share some pictures that I took our their shenanigans but I can’t find the disk with all the pictures on it.  I know I have had my hands on the disk since we moved because over the summer I was showing the pictures to my neighbor.  Sigh.   My favorite was the picture advertising their lawn care service.  They dug up their front yard where it was nothing but dirt, planted grass seed and covered it with straw.  They then took a bale of straw and stuck a sign in it made out of cardboard and marker with the name of their lawn care service and phone number and stuck it in the straw bale.  I really think that they should have waited to advertise until their lawn had grown back in and looked good instead of being nothing but dirt covered by straw.  I really don’t think that their advert campaign there got them much business.

Anyway…while going through memes I found this wonderful video.  I love George Takei.

I learned that Willow Smith (Will Smith’s daughter) makes annoying music. I learned that Antoine Dobson, the Ghetto Witness, is not only an embarrassment to his community (I really think that some people are really too uptight) but there are talks of him getting his own reality show. I watched video proof that 4Kids ruins everything and now understand why my kids hate them. I also learned that the YouTube show, Equals Three, is listed as proof that something has become a meme. I have really learned so much, and had a lot of laughs, while researching internet memes.

Why was I researching memes? You will find out soon….