Today I have spent most of the day restoring everything on my computer after the reformat since I didn’t get to do it last night because of the storm that knocked out our power.  I discovered today that you can only install so many things at once on the Sims 3 which means I have to keep opening and closing my game launcher to get all my custom content that I saved back into the game.  Thank you EA for making this painful and slow.

While doing this where I can get back on with my Sims life I have been researching internet memes.  Why I have been doing this will be made apparent over the next few months.   In my search for memes I came across Google Auto-complete, which always make me laugh.  This meme was described as more of a game that is played when bored.  Well, since I have never played I decided to take a few minutes and amuse myself.  This is what I came up with:

This was actually the first one I got.  Strangely I now find myself wondering where the rally is to restore sanity.    All I know is where it’s not.


Seriously?  I found myself wondering if people were stupid or color blind, then I remembered that there are color blind people in the world, like my old high school guidance councilor who labeled what color her shoes were and still wore two different ones to school at least once a week.  If she was lucky one of them matched her clothes.  The Google logo must really confuse people like that.  Everyone else is just stupid.

Okay, there is just no excuse for this one.  I tried to think of one, like maybe a teenager without any clue how their body works, but there are awesome websites out there like Scarleteen so I really don’t have a clue as to why someone would Google “What is a yeast infection?”  I mean, with all the Monostat and Vagisil adverts on TV and in magazines we all know more about yeast infections and the people who get them than we want to.

I was not expecting to find “What are boogers?”   I am sure to someone somewhere in some third world country where they are too poor to have boogers this is a legitimate question.  What I want to know is if they are too poor to have boogers and therefore don’t know what they are, how are they able to afford internet to ask about them?  Inquiring minds…

This one is really my favorite and it really speaks for itself.  If you don’t understand the genius of this Monty Python reference get off my blog and go watch Monty Python and The Holy Grail.  Don’t come back until you do.

I didn’t take a screen caption of it, but I typed in “Do gi” and it returned “Do gingers have souls?”  One of my kids is a ginger, she ended up with recessive genes from both sides of the family, and I honestly don’t think they do.   It may have more to do with family genetics than her hair color, but we don’t know for sure.  We are having some extensive scientific research done to find out.