I have the feeling that this week is shaping up to be a doozy. I heard three idiotic things before noon.

Before I get into that though, I want to share two things with everyone.  The first I found on Very Demotivational and it made me laugh.












The second is the Sims 3 machinima video that I spent the last two days working on.  The original file is over 8 gig.  I uploaded this onto Vimeo but they screwed up the video quality something horrible during the conversion process.  That makes me sad.

Avenged Sevenfold – Welcome to the Family

WordPress won’t let me imbed the file so you will have to go over to my Sims 3 website to watch it because I refuse to direct people to the Vimeo page where the video is distorted.

Now for the three idiotic things I heard today.

1. While looking for my script for my throat ultrasound the phone rang and I answered it.  We recently got the number changed and I am working on notifying the few wrong numbers that we get that they have a wrong number.  This time around I end up talking to someone who obviously wants the sky and the moon given to her.

“Can I speak with Ms. Whatever.” She wasn’t asking for someone with the last name Whatever, she was asking for someone with a last name I can’t even pronounce let alone attempt to spell.  This is Metro DC.  There are a lot of names like that.


“Ms. Whatever.”

“You have the wrong number.”

“Do you know Ms. Whatever?”

“Why would I know the person who had this phone number before me?  That would be a really neat trick where I could give her all of her phone messages.”

“I will have this number removed from our database.”

She really seemed put off that I wasn’t whoever she was looking for.  I really have no idea what it is with people these days that when they are told they have a wrong number they don’t believe you and will either argue about it or ask really dumb questions.  Seriously, what makes someone think that I would love the combination of numbers that make up our phone number so much that I tracked down Ms. Whatever and begged her to have the number transferred to me despite the fact that I would get all of her calls?  I don’t practice phone number feng shui.

2. Our local news radio was reporting on how cold it was outside.  Apparently it’s newsworthy when the temperature is 24 degrees Fahrenheit and the natives must be interviewed about the cold weather.  It becomes an even bigger news story when someone tells them that they wish that an outerwear version of the Snuggie was made where they could wear it outside.

Please kill me.  CNN doesn’t get much better as you can tell by number three on this list.

2. They were running a story on some study done about how likely you are to get commitment in a relationship based on when sex is introduced, or something to that effect.  The guy that they interviewed about the study, who I am guessing was involved with the study, I really have no idea if he was or wasn’t since I didn’t catch it all from the beginning, really is not the best public speaker.  I know what he was saying, or trying to say but what he actually said was, “Once sex is introduced into a relationship it becomes sexual.”  Can I get a job where someone will pay me for saying dumb and obvious things on CNN?

And the week has just started.  I really hope that I don’t need to directly interact with too many people this week because it’s not looking good.  I feel my IQ dropping already and it hurts.

On another note, Inked Magazine, who I normally love, did a pictorial of a number of porn stars who have a number of tattoos.  Not one of the pictures, IMO, is very flattering.  I didn’t even recognize Teagan Presley the picture is so horrible.  I mean, I am glad that they decided to do this sort of feature, but if I didn’t know better, they took the worst pictures from each girls photo shoot to publish.  I am horribly disappointed.