Wednesday was Edgar Allen Poe’s birthday.  I will spare everyone me quoting any number of his works and just post a link to a really cool sketch of him done by Mark Lapierre who writes a very funny web comic called Spooky Doofus.  Poe is one of my favorite writers along with Anne Rice before she went religious, Niel Gainman and Douglas Adams.  If you want to know what kind of web comics I find funny, everything I read is in my blogroll.  At least I think it’s all there.

I spent most of yesterday and today working on a Sims 3 machinima video.  I had a few problems, mostly Windows Movie Maker and Magix.  I like the transitions on WMM, but WMM and I have never gotten along.  Magix is a bit more temperamental to use and takes more patience.  Well, after I got the video done I realized I had a small problem.  The video file is 8.1 gig.  That’s not going up on YouTube or Vimeo.  It’s uploading to the web via my FTP client.  I will be embedding it on my Sims website, The Sims Weekly World News.

Plants vs. Zombies is a cool game to start with but it’s just a tad bit cooler on the DS.  You can play two player via download play.  One person plays zombies, the other plants.  Whoever is playing zombies has to eat brains to pay for their zombies.  It was a genius idea.

Tomorrow I have my throat ultrasound.  Yay.  I should be going to bed but instead I am waiting on my video and playing my DSi while eating peanut M&M’s and drinking grapefruit juice.