We survived the ice storm that hit last night.  My husband had to come home from work in the mess and he said it was pretty brutal.  Everything was still frozen this morning even thought it was 35 degrees and raining.  I will be so glad when winter is over.

White Collar picked up again today.  The first episode was pretty awesome.  I have been worried through this entire show that as soon as the back story is resolved that will bring the show to an end and that will make me sad.  Everything I like watching gets canceled.  That brings me to V.  I am still pissed off that I missed the first episode of the new season because I have no concept what so ever of time.  I can’t find it anywhere on line to watch.  Since V got picked up as a mid-season replacement I am afraid that it’s never going to be an “official” show.  I mean, the network only thought that it was good enough to bring back as a mid-season replacement for something that bombed.  That doesn’t give me high hopes.

While we were at the store today I checked my blood pressure and it’s still high at 127/92.  I go to the cardiologist Thursday.  Kind of nervous about that.  Also nervous about my throat ultrasound next week.  The first time it was done there were some really small nodules or something that were too small to make out what they were so we had to let some time go by where they could grow where we might be able to see something.

Again, I really don’t have much to say.  I am trying not to use the Post-a-Day writing ideas because they remind me too much of things I had to write for assignments in school.

Oh, our freezer died.  This is bad.  Very very bad.  Remember, we have seven kids and this means when we go grocery shopping we have to by A LOT of food and that means we need a place to store it.  One of the first things we did when we moved in here was buy a cube freezer because the freezer section of our fridge won’t hold anything.  Seriously.  This is one of those side by side units, and it’s one of the smaller ones.  To make matters worse whoever designed the kitchen and put in was a moron.  The fridge sits in a corner.  On the side where the fridge opens is the counter.  We have no problems getting the fridge door open.  On the other side is the portion of the wall that is not taken up by the patio door.  So, in order to open the freezer far enough to get anything in or out, we would have to move it forward five or so inches and open the patio door.  I am not kidding.  Our fridge is in the worst place ever for a side by side fridge.  Not only will it not hold two weeks worth of meat products but we can’t get the door open far enough to get larger packages of meat in there.  So, in order to go grocery shopping Thursday it looks like we have to go buy a new freezer first.  I am not happy.

Over on Associated Content they want articles about people getting married on the same day as Prince William.  Seriously?  Is it really all that big of a deal?  Why is this considered news worthy?  Oh, and they want stories from people who were friends with cast members from Jersey Shore.  The mind boggles.