It took me forever to get coherent this morning.  My back was giving me just enough trouble that I broke down and took the muscle relaxant I was given for it.  Stuff is good for 12 hours and and I think I took it about 2:30am before I went to bed.  It really does take 12 hours to wear off.  The thing is, sometimes it makes me really tired and incoherent, other times it doesn’t.  Weird.  I am just glad that I am not expected to take it around the clock.

I don’t really have much to say about anything today.  I entered this Sims 3 house building contest.  I have to build a Victorian Fairy Tale House, a Beach House and a Country House.  I have never built a Victorian house before and it’s really kicking my butt.  It’s nowhere near done but here’s what it looks like after my latest roof modification.

The more I work on this house the less I think I like it.  On the upside, this building contest has done what I hoped it would, it’s cured my builders block.

While watching the WWE tonight I had a laugh at the new Snickers Commercial.  It was genius.  So much better than those diva adverts.  I always found them kind of stupid.