I thought I blogged on this subject before, but apparently I haven’t.  Since we moved here a year ago I have been saying I wish I could draw because Scooter Kid would be a web comic.

The day we were moving in here, as we were coming down the road we were slowed down by a kid, maybe 10, ridding his razor scooter down the middle of the road…with a coat hanger tied to it.  What a welcome to the neighborhood.  I recall one of my kids saying they hoped he wrecked or something.  It was an odd sight.

A few weeks later we met our next door neighbors.  They have become pretty good friends and Kris spent a good portion of the summer over here playing video games, DnD, Magic the Gathering and watching movies.  Scooter Kid was a topic that came up very quickly.  He felt he needed to warn us that Scooter Kid was the “weird kid” in the neighborhood.  He’s weird, but harmless.  He makes us laugh.

My kids, not believing there could possibly be anyone weirder than them, actually had to meet Scooter Kid and they tried to befriend him.  The kid never talks to anyone.  My kids have tried multiple times to talk to him and he just gives him that weird smile of his and runs off.  For a while we wondered if he knew English.  He just makes this weird smile at anyone who talks to him and goes about his way.  No one in the neighborhood knows his name.  Not even his classmates.  Apparently everyone called him “That Kid with the Weird Smile that Smiles a Lot.”  My daughter, Cherokee, was talking to one of the kids in the neighborhood and asked if he knew what Scooter Kid’s name was.  Nope.  That’s how she found out what everyone else called him.  The kid she was talking to said something to the effect of how “Scooter Kid” was an appropriate nickname as well for him and it was much shorter to say.  Now everyone calls him Scooter Kid.  Just not my kids and they will call him Scooter Kid to his face since he won’t give up his name and they don’t know what else to call him.  Scooter Kid doesn’t seem to mind.

Here’s the thing.  He rides his scooter everywhere, even to school instead of taking the bus like everyone else.  You never see him without his scooter.  And there is always something tied to the back of it.  Hangers are his favorite but he’s done other things.  He will be riding his scooter up and down the road all hours of the day.  Always in the middle of the road and won’t move for cars.  He does this in flip flops.  No big deal really, until you realize that he wears flip flops all year round and in the winter puts socks on with them.  It will be 23 degrees out and Scooter Kid will be riding his scooter down the road dressed appropriately except for his socks and flip flops.

He has a hobby of leaving things in the road for cars to run over to see what they look like after they have been crushed.  He’s done hangers, his homework, sunglasses, so many things I can’t remember.  Once he even left my kids a Barbie head in the driveway.  I think it was a friendship offering.  Not sure though.

This last summer he decided to up his game a bit and started super gluing the items he wanted run over to the road.  It’s a scary thought Scooter Kid having super glue.  This is the same kid that often licks the manhole cover in front of our house.  He should not be trusted with super glue.

Cherokee tossed a flour tortilla out into the road once.  Not sure why.  Whatever her reasoning she got mad when Scooter Kid came and took her tortilla.  My husband told her to quit feeding him, that he will keep coming back.

I did discover quite by accident that the boy can speak perfect English.  He was breaking up an imaginary fight that only he could see.  Later that day his little sister took his scooter and he was yelling at her.  The only way he could get it back was to bribe her with chocolate.

I am not sure if the kid is just “the weird kid” or if he has some disability.  All I know is we look forward to seeing what offerings he is going to give the road and the cars and to see what he has tied to his scooter.