When I spent a lot of time on myspace I used to joke around that “Myspace was a place for drama.”  Now I say that about Facebook.  It’s the place for internet drama.  Friend of mine was over briefly last night to grab one of his video games he loaned us.  He didn’t stay long because his new girlfriend was over.  We are always joking about social networking and how some people take it way to serious and he told me that him and his new girl were so official that he even changed his Facebook status where it was even “Facebook official.”   He must be really serious about her.

So, social networking and all it’s drama brings up something  that is a huge pet peeve of mine.  Miscommunication in the written word.  It’s so easy to not understand what someone is saying when you aren’t talking to them face to face.  You can’t hear word inflections.  You can’t hear sarcasm.  There is so much that doesn’t come across.  It’s all lost in translation.  This happens in blog posts, emails and instant messages.  I really go out of my way to make sure it doesn’t happen because I am sick of being blasted for something I said that I didn’t really say because someone took it wrong, took something out of context or something.  There is plenty to blast me on that is legit, people don’t need to make up crap.

What brings this up is that it happened again today.  Long story short I was trying to help someone figure out how to do something in The Sims 3 over Facebook IM – an IM platform I despise using.  She said something that made me think she was saying something she wasn’t and proceeded to tell her how to deal with what I thought she was talking about.  I then get “in trouble” for treating her like she’s stupid and how that’s not nice.  Helloexcuseme?  She then logs off before I can apologize or anything.  I had to send her an email through Facebook that I have no idea if she has even read or will read.

Normally I don’t let these things get to me and chalk it up to “shit happens” but for some reason, this time it bothered me.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s just one of those days.

I have a list of reasons that these things happen.  The first being since we have gotten computers and phones with texting and all this other technology that makes communicating with someone across the world that we couldn’t talk to 20 years ago possible and instantaneous.  We have forgotten how to communicate.  I went into Taco Bell yesterday and everyone else in there was texting while they were eating…even people who were there with other people.  People write in text shorthand and choppy sentences to convey messages.   They do this in email and IM, just not on their phones.  How is the person on the receiving end supposed to know what is being said if someone can’t use a complete sentence or full words?

So miscommunication happens on the net more often than in real life.  Then drama ensues.  I don’t need the drama.  There are other things that are more important that need my time.  This isn’t high school any more and I would appreciate it if everyone on the net quit acting like it was.  Someone took what I said wrong then stomped off like a little kid who got mad and went home with his toys.  An adult did this instead of asking me what the hell?  I was just accused of something and never given the chance to defend myself or apologize.  Hey, if I screw up I own up to it.  I will verify with people what they meant and not just jump to conclusions.  I realize that not everybody is the same.  However, what people need to remember is this, the person you are talking to behind the computer is a real person, with a real life, real things in his or her life that stresses them out and they have real feelings.  I get sick of the attitude, “But do you really care what someone you will probably never meet thinks of you?”  Personally, I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, but I do care that I may have said something that hurt someones feelings.  It’s something I try not to do.  I may be blunt and crass and unfiltered most of the time, but that doesn’t mean I am a total bitch.

Speaking of communicating, something else that bothers me is the “conversation” I had in my comments yesterday.  At first I thought that this was a friendly debate with someone who has a difference of opinion.  I am always up for that.  After some thought, I decided that wasn’t what it was.  It was some self-righteous person telling me my opinion was wrong.  He actually told me I was wrong when I said I felt that someone (well, two someones) weren’t good wrestlers.  It’s my opinion.  How is someone’s opinion wrong?  That crap pisses me off.  Just because I don’t feel that same way about something you do doesn’t mean I am wrong or you are wrong.  People really need to grow up and learn how to talk to others.

Somewhere in all this technology that is supposed to, in part, facilitate conversation and communication we have forgotten how to do both.  Ironic, isn’t it?