Dear WWE ~

The January 10, 2011 Monday Night Raw sucked!  You started the year with an awesome show on the 3rd and then you proceeded to follow it up with an episode so boring it put me to sleep despite my children having a loud pillow fight less than five feet away from me on the same couch. I woke up long enough to see Shawn Michaels super kick Del Rio.  It also made me sad because he was there as the newest wrestler to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, meaning his ring time is now officially over except for guest spots.  It’s been sealed.

The Nexus thing is old.  We seen this years ago with the NWO.  That got old quickly as well.  In fact, NWO is the reason I quit watching WCW.  At one point I knew where there were 22 hours of wrestling on a week and I watched it all.  Then the NWO came along.  The group hoard mentality where you have a number of guys jumping on one person and taking over the show is old hat and it’s boring.  There is no new way to do it.  John Cena taking on the Nexus is also old.  We have been watching this since summer.  Isn’t it time we move along?  I don’t even know what Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty were thinking allowing themselves to be degraded like that.  I can only imagine Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham must have been so proud.  Curt Henning was probably rolling over in his grave.

I don’t like CM Punk as head of Nexus with his holier than thou attitude.  He was much more entertaining and a commentator.  Something needs to be done with the commentators.  Jerry Lawler I love.  Michael Cole, on the other hand, is a tool.  I don’t care what kind of journalism credentials he has or how impressive they are (for the record I looked them up).  This is sports entertainment and his job is a sports announcer and color commentator.  That is a far cry from the serious nature of the work he did prior to the WWE.  He is anything but entertaining.  The only time Michael Cole has been entertaining is when he was being insulted by The Rock. At least when Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was commentating you knew he was playing the part of an ass and it came across as funny as he argued with the likes of Gorilla Monsoon and Macho Man Randy Savage.  Michael Cole just comes across as a pretentious ass.  He is also horribly disrespectful to everyone, especially Daniel Bryant and to the rookies on NXT.  Does he have any idea how stupid he sounds saying “Can I have your attention please?” and “And I quote…”  I would rather listen to Vicky Gurrerro scream “Excuse me” in that nerve grating voice of hers than listen to Michael Cole say “And I quote…” one more time.  The WWE used to pride itself when they had “real” wrestlers who made a name for themselves prior to coming to the WWE and changing over to sports entertainment.  Does the name Kurt Angel ring any bells with his Olympic Gold Medal?  Daniel has become the verbal whipping boy of Michael Cole.  It’s disgraceful because he comes across as way to sincere about it and slams anyone who would speak up against him.

That’s something else.  This Anonymous General manager thing is old.  It’s grown more tiresome than Nexus.  The best part of this entire thing was watching Edge throw a tantrum and beat the hell out of the computer.  That was WWE TV gold there.  It’s time to put a face to the GM.

You have so many decent wrestlers that we never see like Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust because TV time is used to show  Nexus beating up someone five on one three times a show.  Randy Orton used to be the heal that we all loved to hate.  Now everyone looks forward to his matches because he ends up wrestling against people we are tired of seeing.  Does The Miz ever shut up?  He’s almost a bigger tool than Michael Cole.

I have been watching WWE wrestling for 24 years and for the first time in all those years I don’t look forward to it every week.  The only reason I am still tuning in is because it’s the one time during the week that everyone in the house can agree on something to watch.  With seven kids that’s a huge feat.  By the way, they all think that Michael Cole should be replaced.