I don’t know what else to call the randomness of today’s post and the hodgepodge that it’s going to contain.  I find myself thinking of the Cheshire Cat when he tells Alice, “We’re all mad here.”

First, I have up another blog that I has a number of things that I have written on it over the last few years.  This includes short stories, erotica and poetry.  I can’t say that it has everything, because I am missing stuff.  I always end up loosing something when I have to reformat or change computers.  Some stuff I chose not to share because, in my opinion, it’s just not that good.  Like my attempts at writing flash.  I can not, no matter how hard I try, write a full story in less than 500 words.  Anyway, if anyone wants to read any of it, here’s the link: The  Punk and The Muse. All the erotica is password protected so if you want it, you are going to need to email me.  It’s the only way I could think of to keep those under 18 from accessing it.  Yea, I try to be responsible like that.

Which brings me to my number one cause of hyperventilation today.  I don’t know what possessed me to check on the meta labeling of my adult movie review site, but the RTA (restricted to adults) labeling was missing that I know I put on there.  That RTA labeling is what keeps minors off the site, if their parents are doing their job properly with blocking software.  I have no idea where it went but when I put the site up that was the first thing I did before any content went on there.  I did fix that up.

While putting together The Punk and The Muse I came across a number of things that I saved to my computer because they made me laugh.   I thought that I would share some of it.

Admit it, that made you laugh.

I love Roman Dirge.  A good friend of mine sent me a small number of comics and a book written by Roman that were autographed.  I never realized that they were autographed until another friend of mine pointed it out to me.  Later I find out that autographed anything by Roman Dirge is hard to come by and I have in my possession items that are somewhat of an anomaly because of that.  Yay me!

This picture was taken a few years ago.  My daughter has a collection of Bratz dolls, and she only really wants the “dude dolls” but takes the girl dolls for their clothes…to put on the dude dolls.  She has named her two favorite dolls Eric and Charlie.  The two of them often put on fashion shows or skateboard in drag.  In this particular photo that I took, Charlie was dressed as a Christmas Angel.  This reminds me, this past year I got into an argument with her about what was going to be the tree topper.  She wanted to put Charlie in a skimpy Santa outfit that one of her girl dolls came in and put him on the top of the tree.  Lucky for me that the tree we got was too tall to put a topper on.

I found this on Pundit Kitchen some time back.  I said all through the Bush Administration that Dick Cheney was the perfect anti-assassination campaign ever.  People looked at me like I was insane.  They never quite got what I was saying…and then he mistook someone for a bird and shot him while hunting and everyone started to point out all the batshit crazy things the man had done over the years.  Finally someone else had the same idea and it made it to the interwebs.

This still makes me laugh it’s so gross.

I am pretty sure that I haven’t eaten watermelon since I seen this picture.  I am not sure how one tells a Godzilla egg from fruit so I am playing it safe and just avoiding them all together.

If anyone tells you differently, they are lying.  Anyone that has been following my Legacy Challenge blog will be disappointed (or not) to know that I ended up killing off two of the members of the family intentionally.  After they were turned into vampires they got stuck in an endless loop of freaking out when they weren’t neurotic Sims.  I couldn’t make them stop and it started to drive me mental so I put them out in the sun with a fence around them, it looked like they were in a playpen, and waited for the worst.  I haven’t killed a Sim in so long…it felt good.

One of the best books I have ever read.  You try writing a book all in haiku form and make it about zombies.  Not an easy feat.  It’s what makes this book so genius.

Yes, this is how I felt the entire time I had Vista on my computer.  I also felt that way going from 32 bit 64 bit.  Major pain in the ass.  Every time my husband talks about upgrading his OS I tell him everything he’s going to have to do to make all of his older programs run and he quickly changes his mind.  Speaking of Klingons, here is me dressed as a Klingon.

Yes, the bat’leth is real and yes, I have threatened people with it.  I am really this big of a geek and I make no excuses for it.  I am happy with who I am and if people don’t like it they can bite me.

So, there you have, randomness found on my hard drive.  Wasn’t that fun?