Yes, again with the Sims.  This time though this post is really more about people, specifically adults, who although they should know better don’t.  This is one of the reasons that I really hate people. Keep in mind as you read this that I am an adult movie reviewer, I write sex toy reviews and I am somewhat involved in the sex bloggers circle.  I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination.  But these are things that are reserved for adults.  Adult websites have RTA (restricted to adults) meta tags where, when parents are doing their job properly and have blocking software on their kids computers (internet providers offer this stuff now as one of their services now) their kids won’t be able to access those pages.  The extreme of using parental blocks can be seen with the friend of my 14 year old daughter.  Her friends mom blocked out Animal Planet because they show footage of animals mating.

Now to The Sims  and Facebook.  As I have stated before I spend some time each day on the Sims 3 Facebook page since the Sims Yahoo lists have died out.  There are kids on there.  With school out for the holidays there are more kids on there than usual.  I am talking kids between 10 and 14.  I am going to make a note here that the Sims 3 ESRB rating is T for Teen.  From the ESRB website: 

Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.

Here is why the Sims 3 gets a T rating (again from the ESRB people):

This is a life simulation game in which players can customize and control avatars (Sims) through several stages of life and its daily activities. Players are free to pursue a variety of goals as they observe and attempt to influence and nurture families of Sims. These avatars often interact socially, which can sometimes lead to mild flirtation or more intimate encounters. Players can choose to “try for a baby” or “WooHoo” with another Sim – the later option being available to both heterosexual and same-sex couples. These two actions cause the selected avatars to jump into bed and go under the covers, where they wriggle, giggle, and moan until confetti bursts over the bed. Sims characters need to maintain their health and hygiene and do so by eating, exercising, bathing, and using the toilet, which is depicted by a blurred, pixilated effect and trickling sounds. Avatars can also vomit, emit flatulence, and wet themselves if no toilet is available or offered. As in real life, Sim characters can die of old age; they can also die as a result of neglect or starvation. Certain animations depict the avatars dying in fires, drowning in pools, and getting electrocuted by household appliances.

With the expansions a bit more has been added to the game play.  Sims can make nectar (non-alcoholic wine) and they can go to bars and night clubs and order drinks.  Again, all are non alcoholic but some do have mood altering effects, like putting Sims in the mood for romance or making it optimal for them to gain skill points.  One drink even makes them act crazy where they will dance on tables (party animal Sims do this anyway).  There are also vampires now and Sims can be turned into vampires.  Still, there is nothing going on that would garner anything more than the T rating the game has always had.

With all this information in hand, an adult, with all the mental reasoning capabilities of an adult and none of the common sense goes onto the Facebook page, where it’s obvious by peoples pictures that a lot of them are not over the age of 18 and asks the question “How you do make Sims have a three-way?”


What goes on in the mind of someone that would think, that for one minute, this kind of content would be appropriate for a T rated game?  Better yet, who thinks this is an appropriate question to ask a group of pre-teens and teenagers?

These kids responded with things like:

  • I don’t know what that is.
  • Do you mean triplets?
  • That’s disgusting.

One older individual went as far as to say “I don’t think that The Sims is open to that kind of weirdness.”

Said Adult took this offensively and replied with “Just because you don’t do it doesn’t mean other people don’t do it.” and “This is a life simulator.  People do this in real life so it should be in the game.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??

As an adult who hasn’t completely lost their mind, I had to say something to Said Adult and remind her that the game was rated T for Teen, not M for Mature and it was an inappropriate question to be asking on the Facebook page and that she just introduced a bunch of kids to a concept they didn’t previously know about.

She defends herself by saying, “It is a legit question…people do this in real life….blah blah blah…besides kids know more than you think they do.”

That is justification for her actions?  Kids know more than I think they do.  Seriously?  She can’t be serious can she?

Apparently she was.

What is wrong with people?

Someone else even had to ask why 10, 11 and 12 year olds were playing a game rated for age 13 and above and stated that parents that let their kids do such things are bad parents.  Obviously that person doesn’t have kids because parenting is so black and white and one size fits all to her.  Not every child matures at the same age.  There are kids who are 10 who are more mature than some kids who are 12.  Hell I have met 12 year olds who are more mature than some adults in the world.  Mr. Parenting Is Black And White went on to say that  if a kid doesn’t know what “woo-hooing” is they shouldn’t be allowed to play the game.   Most kids at 10, 11 and 12 have at least a basic understanding of how babies are made.  They probably have a working understanding of sex.  What they don’t have an understanding of is adult sexual situations. How in the world did this woman parallel a three-way (as brought up by the original Adult) to having basic sex education and knowing what “woo-hooing” is.   That is like comparing apples and oranges.

Is there some unwritten rule somewhere that states if you know about sex and how babies are made that you know about three-ways, orgies, tentacles and other things that some adults don’t even know about or want to know about for that matter?  If there was, no one told me.

But kids know more than I think they do.  I would be surprised what kids know.  At least that is what I am told.  And that is justification for everything.