This was on Post Secret today:

I don’t get it either.  In some ways we are no better than those who we are trying to prevent from being religious fanatics who terrorize other countries. While I can accept that war is a necessary evil of the world, I don’t think I will ever fully be able to wrap my brain around it.  In the end how do you decide who has won? Either side can say anything they want about the outcome but in the end there are no rules and no one there with a referee shirt on saying this side won and that side lost.

Moving on…

I have the strangest dreams.  I always have and I think Stephan King would be jealous of my nightmares.  The thing is, since my hysterectomy I don’t have that many vivid dreams anymore that I can remember when I wake up.  That confirms my theory that a my dream cycles and nightmares were related to hormone fluctuations.  Friday night I had one of those missed weird dreams and I still remember it today.

In it Tom (one of the guys who works at my local comic book store where I buy Magic the Gathering cards, Manga for the kids and the occasional comic book) was in it.  This dream was the weirdest combination of  juxtaposition and anachronisms  one could ever imagine.   Imagine if you will a world where dragons fly the skies and people ride horses.  In the middle of a forest that has almost fully repaired itself from destruction many years prior (there are still signs of death) next to a curving river is what looks to be a cottage.  There are no other buildings around, just well worn paths from all directions to the cottage.  Tom owns that cottage and he caters to two distinct groups of people.  The first are clerics and magic users.  Littering the bookshelves are spell books, spell components and religious trinkets.  Mixed in between those books are comic books of The Silver Surfer, Batman, Spiderman and every other DC and Marvel superhero.  Here you can find the complete volume of Silver Surfer comics in a leather bound edition.  The President of this world, one Barrak Obama, arrives in a limo to drop his son off where Tom can give him Magic the Gathering lessons.  Oh yes, The President drives a limo when there are no other cars in this world.  You either travel by horse or foot.  And Magic the Gathering lessons are very important.  The Presidents son also has to be able to summon dragons, which it also falls on Tom to teach him.

I told my husband about this dream and he told me I was insane.  At least it wasn’t another dream about Will Shatner and Lou Diamond Phillips holding Jazzersize lessons in the middle of K-Mart.

Kids go back to school tomorrow, right?  I have no idea because I homeschool.  Just so sick of the kids on the Sims 3 Facebook page with their ‘Me, me, me, it’s all about me” attitude.  I know that I bitched about them yesterday but today one of them is claiming to be the voice of “all Sim fans”.  Seriously?