Starting the New Year annoyed probably isn’t a good omen, but for the most part people annoy me.  People have always annoyed me and I don’t think that is going to get better anytime soon.  I keep telling my autistic daughter that she needs to work on her people skills.  I have been trying to work on mine as well and be polite under the worst of circumstances.  That is very hard sometimes because my knee jerk impulse is to smart off to people (even strangers), yell at them for being stupid (this is why I am not allowed to talk to customer service/tech support people – they are trained to read off a flow chart on a computer screen and often don’t offer any real help not to mention many of them are patronizing when dealing with a woman because only men are smart and allowed to be geeks and nerds), and in some cases punch people.  I don’t deal with incompetence well and people who take a lackadaisical attitude to their work.  More than anything I hate people who think and act like the world revolves around them, or that it should.

I have been spending some time on the Sims 3 Facebook page.  All the Sims yahoo groups that I belong to have gotten quiet over the last couple years and I have never liked forums much.  Not sure why.  Anyway the Facebook page has been almost unbearable over the holidays because all the kids are home on break and spending more than the usual amount of time there.  Now, I don’t mind kids all that much…I do have seven of them.  That being said, I do have a few problems.  The one is petty, I will admit it, but it’s annoying nonetheless.  The other is a major annoyance and it seems to be a general mindset  of society anymore.

Facebook walls being what they are, I understand it’s difficult to read everything on there.  However, no one makes any effort.  They go on and ask a question without even looking at the most recent posts to see if that question was asked.  In the course of 20 minutes the same question will be asked 25 times.  For the few of us that spend some time on there with the sole intent of helping others with their problems, it gets so annoying typing the same thing over and over and over because people read.  This doesn’t happen on forums.  Mods prevent it.  The rule is always “Check the help subsection to see if your question has been asked & answered before posting.”  It’s a courtesy thing.

The other thing that I am seeing posted 25 times or more in 20 minutes is people complaining because The Sims 3 website is only partly working.  Parts are buggy and other parts aren’t working at all.  Then there is the issue of not being able to post photos on the Facebook page.  This has been going on since about Christmas.  Everyone wants this stuff dealt with NOW.  No one has stopped to think that the week between Christmas and New Years is the down time of most large corporations.  Outside of retail sales and health care most companies give their employees time off during this time of year because the holidays are so close together and it’s when a lot of people ask for time off work anyway.   Is there any reason that a game designer needs to work the week between Christmas and New Years?  Outside of the few people who are there for tech support there probably aren’t many people reporting to work at EA or any other software design company for that matter.  Yet, people (and just not the kids and teenagers on there) are acting like EA employees are servants and slaves rather than game designers.  They are acting like these people don’t deserve time off to be with their families during the holidays.  It’s that entire attitude of entitlement that has really gotten on my nerves.  I am so sick of telling people that things will probably be fixed next week when everyone is back to work.

Then there was last night.  Because it was time for the New Years Celebration there were some children who were allowed to stay up past their bedtime.  What happened on the Facebook page was proof that a good majority of teenagers don’t know what to do with any extra time they have.  A lot of kids spend their childhood with everything planned for them from music lessons, sports to play dates.  They aren’t left to figure out how to manage their time and learn how to amuse themselves.  It also proves that a lot of kids were let loose on the internet without guidelines on proper behavior.  A number of young teenagers between the ages of 12 and 14 decided to come on the Facebook page and troll.  They were picking fights with people for fun.  The thing is, they had to favorite the page in order to do this.  If they don’t like something why do they spend the energy to visit things on that topic just to blast it and piss people off?  It makes no sense in some ways.  In other ways you realize that these are probably the popular kids at school who make fun of the nerdy kids or poor kids or the kids who dress different or have unusual hobbies.  They are social bullies.  Their parents probably have no idea what they do with their time online, how they are insulting strangers and swearing at people.  How they are just running amok in cyberland causing trouble because it’s fun to them.  These kids were never taught manners or the proper way to treat others.  It’s sad.  Very very sad.  If that is how my kids acted on the net I would take their computers away from them and they know it.  The irony here is that my autistic daughter with her OCD, anxiety and Oppositional Defiant Disorder and her lack of social skills tends to have better social skills and better behavior than the average teenager without impairments.