In my last blog post I said this was a story for another day, so here it is.

My oldest daughter asked for a video camera for Christmas.  She has mostly been using it to film her hamster.  I am waiting for her to set it and a web page up where we have the 24/7 hamster cam.  Anyway, getting that camera two days before Christmas was painful.  Every year I keep saying I am going to start holiday shopping in the summer and never do for one reason or another.  To save on pain like this, I really need to.

We checked the normal stores.  Target (who wins the award this year for most disgusting bathroom ever) didn’t have any low to mid-range  priced video cameras.  I was kind of surprised that the most inexpensive thing that they had was almost $400.  Best Buy was a bust.  They had everything that they were out of marked out of stock so I had assumed they had the camera we wanted.  It wasn’t marked.  The sales guy didn’t even check and just said they were out of them.  Not sure if he didn’t want to do any extra work or what the deal was.  I grabbed Despicable Me and headed to the check out.  Seen that it was going to be at least a 30 min wait, put the movie down and left.  Not standing in that kind of line for a $20 movie I could pick up anywhere (purchased it at the grocery store).  There is not enough money in the world to make me go into our local Wal-Mart after lunch.  After 11:00pm it better be something important that someone can’t live without until morning to make me go up there.  The later in the day it gets the more freaks show up in there.  After lunch the rude people show up.  After all the other stores close the store is still busy, even at 2am, and every weird-o (and I am not talking the good kind of weird-o) from here to DC is in there.  Two days before Christmas at 8:00pm I can only imagine what the place was like.  No thank you.  I will pass.

Last place I can think to check his this new electronics store we have here called HHGregg.  Now, I am not sure what the deal is with this store, if it’s the new Circuit City or what.  There is a lot about it that reminds me of Circuit City, and I was never to enamored with them.  I attempted to purchase a computer there before they closed down and was told, I kid you not, that I couldn’t take it home that day after paying for it.  I needed to come back for it the next day after they have “optimized” it.  What the hell?  It doesn’t surprise me that they went bankrupt.  I have lived around here long enough to know that if I need anything computer related I need to go up to MicroCenter.  I really wish they carried video cameras, it would have saved me the aggravation of what happened next.

There was no one in HHGregg doing holiday shopping.  That should have been an omen for me.  I found the camera and asked the sales guy if they had any.  Yes and he will get it for me…as soon as I am done shopping.  Huh?  My husband asks him where the computer gaming stuff is.  Sales guy takes us over to the smallest selection of Wii and Xbox games.  Our local pawn shop has a better selection.  No joke.  Very sad for an electronics store.  This sales guy keeps following us through the store in case we need anything.  We weren’t even allowed to carry the SD card for the camera.  Sales Guy took it.  We took our blank DVDs and went over to the counter to pay for everything.  He then asks me if I *need* to see an iPad.  Uh??  I just looked at him.  “No, I have an Alienware computer.”  That always shuts up people.  Always.

Sales Guy comments, “Those things are really popular.” as if he doesn’t get why.  Seriously, the m11x laptop has an 8+ hour battery life on in it depending on what you are doing.  Hardcore gaming – 8 hours.  Internet surfing and things that don’t use the full graphics capabilities of the computer, longer.  Here’s the awesome part.  It cost just as much as an iPad and you have a fully functional computer instead of a neat high tech toy that has limitations.  If I really needed something ultra portable I would get an Alienware m11x.  I honestly don’t mind toting around the m17x (it weighs about 8 lbs) and I have a cool back back case for it.  I have never traveled light.

So, we go to pay for everything and the guy puts all our information in the computer and I have to correct him three times.  People don’t listen.  Chris hands him cash and he looks at us, “I can’t handle cash.”  Seriously dude?  You are supposed to be able to check people out and you can’t handle cash?  He fills out a piece of paper and takes us over to someone who can.  I ask him where the camera is and he holds up the piece of paper and says “This is it.”  Huh?

The woman who can handle cash is way to happy to be at work and has more charisma than Richard Simmons.  She really needed to take a downer.  People like that scare me.  She  puts everything  back into the computer system while Sales Guy continues to stand over us.  He’s really starting to creep me out at this point.  We pay her.  Transaction done.  Now we have to wait.  She has to find the manager.  Only the manager can get the camera.  She finds the manager, he gets the camera.  Now he has to sign for it.  She has to sign for it.  Then we have to sign for it.

Yea, I know why there was no one else shopping there.  Everyone else checked out the store when they opened and knew to stay away.  I probably won’t ever shop there again.  That was not easy and it took twice as long to make a purchase than it should have.  It probably would have taken less time to stand in the never ending line at Best Buy – had they had the camera we wanted.