I say this as a woman.  This past holiday season I was totally amazed at how downright disgusting I found the women’s bathroom in every public place I was in.  I compared notes with my husband and the men’s room in the same stores was nowhere near the level of rat nasty the women’s room was.  To quote how my kids would say it, “It’s disgusting level is over 9000!”

First off, I refuse to use the bathroom in our local mall.  There isn’t enough money on the planet to make me go back in there.  They say everyone has their price…not me.  The first time I used it I was scarred for life.  Seriously here…I have seven kids and it’s hard to gross me out.  Even on the worst day I would rather use the bathroom that belongs to my 9 and 10 year old boys.  That’s saying something.  I am really surprised I didn’t get disentary just from walking in the mall bathroom.  To make matters worse, someone even had the lack of manners to urinate on the floor…in the handicapped stall.  Their attempt to clean it up was to throw a small wad of toilet paper on it and leave the toilet paper and 90% of the puddle.  Even if it was someones toddler who did that, it’s still unacceptable.  Would you let your kid piss on the floor at home and then leave it for a family member to wade through hoping someone else would clean it up?

I would rather have my bladder distend than use the mall bathroom.  I really didn’t think it could get worse.  Oh…I was so wrong.

I have never wanted to puke walking into a bathroom until this holiday season.  I am trying to remember what store we were in.  It was after the mall and before Target.  Wait, I think it was Target because I distinctly remember telling someone that the bathroom seriously needed cleaned and I waited until we got over to Best Buy to use the bathroom.  Not that it was all that clean, but I didn’t feel like I needed to be treated for exposure to a thousand deadly diseases for walking in there.  At least they were good for something since they were  out of the camera we were after for one of our older kids and then having a 30 min line that made me not buy Despicable Me there.  (Side note: awesomely funny movie – if you haven’t seen it you are really missing out.)  This lead to the most painful shopping experience ever…a story for another time.

Back to the bathrooms and the utter disgustingness that plagues my gender.  After all the considerate ones are exposed to the messes left by those who feel they don’t need to be courteous to others and clean up after themselves.  Just because you are in public, bitches, doesn’t mean that store employees are your slaves there to do nothing but clean up after your lazy inconsiderate asses.  You wouldn’t pull this kind of shit at home so why the hell do you pull it in public?

Upon entering I discovered that the trash probably hadn’t been dumped all day and that the floor was wet around the sinks causing a safety hazzard.  With the business of all the holiday shoppers I can almost over look that.  I said almost.  Now, I am not expecting a public restroom to be immaculate but come on.  The manager should have scheduled someone to work that day and do nothing but keep up with the bathrooms.  That is what I would have done.  It seems like common sense.  The second thing I discovered was that there was no toilet paper in the bathroom.  At least 40% of that toilet paper was decorating the floor of the stalls.   Every one of the toilet seats were peed on.  Please, if you hoover and piss on the toilet seat, clean up after yourself.  Seriously!  Is that too much to ask.  Oh wait, I forget, that would mean that people wouldn’t be allowed to be self-centered and selfish which would mean 95% of the population of this area needing attitude replacement therapy.  My bad.  Can’t ask for miracles.

When I thought that it couldn’t get any worse, it did.  How can it possibly get worse you ask?  Someone stuck a used Kotex pad to the wall in the bathroom stall instead of using the specially designed disposal container provided.  Is this sort of thing really necessary?  The first person that leaves a comment telling me it was probably some teenager being an ass is going to get virtually slapped.  Sorry, but anyone old enough to be on their period should be mature enough to handle it and should have been taught how to properly take care of themselves and dispose of their used products.  They should know better.  Even my mentally challenged daughter knows this is not proper behavior.  It’s sad that she has a better grip on how to dispose of used feminine hygiene products than the rest of society.

Urinating on the toilet seats and sticking bloody used pads on the walls in the bathroom can’t be blamed on the store employees for not keeping up with the bathroom.  It has to be blamed on those inconsiderate disgusting women who were in the bathroom prior to me.  For those people who did that, thanks for making last minute holiday shopping more miserable than it needed to be, turning my stomach and for confirming my belief that there is no hope for society.

Later that day when we were at the grocery store we do the bulk of our shopping at I actually thanked the woman who was in there cleaning the bathroom and refilling the toilet paper for keeping up with the bathroom.  I say so many wonderful things about Wegman’s as it is, keeping up with the bathrooms is just icing on the cake.