We were up at the mall today because my husband ended up with one of those infected ingrown fingernails of his and I told him to clean it out with H2Ocean piercing spray.  Turns out my can of it was empty so, against my better judgment (it is the holiday season) I drug him and one of my kids up to the mall to go to Hot Topic to pick up some more of it.  No one felt like running into the next town to the one tattoo shop that carries so it was Hot Topic or we didn’t get any.  I also needed hair bleach.  It doesn’t matter how light your hair is, if you want it to hold a color like purple, you have to strip all the color out of it.  Again, an item that I pick up at Hot Topic.

Once we were done there we headed over to Books-a-Million.   I found some somewhat cool new Dungeons and Dragons things.  One one hand I like that Wizards of the Coast is packaging things up like they are.  It makes it easy on me.  On the other hand it annoys me to no end that they are doing things the way they are doing them.  It’s all intended to make things easier for people to start playing DnD.  Not like when I learned how to play back in 9th grade.  You had to read all this stuff then roll up a character.  Now campaigns come with pre-made characters specially designed for them.  What the hell?  I ended up picking up one of the new Essentials boxes called Monster Vault.  It came with 10 sheets of the round cardboard monster tokens.  That’s useful in my world.  I have all these grand visions of buying miniatures for everything but the cost of them adds up and when you have an autistic kid with undiagnosed ADHD in the house who can’t keep his hands off anything and either looses stuff or breaks it you go with the cardboard monster tokens.

While checking out these new Essentials boxes I came across a book titled something like “A Girl’s Guide to Dungeons and Dragons”.  It wasn’t the one that came out a few years ago, Confessions of a Part Time Sorceress.  This was something else.  Either that or the publish re-did the cover and made the title really lame.  I tossed the book at my daughter and said “I am offended.”  The guy sitting in the chair behind me reading comic books gave me a really weird look.  My daughter said she was slightly offended.

Seriously though, do we really need a book about DnD directed to girls, as if playing DnD is different based on your gender?  How is DnD different for a girl than it is for a guy?  I really want to know because I don’t know.  Granted, in high school I was the only girl I knew that played DnD and I played with a group of guys.  None of the guys thought it was weird and none of my female friends dared say anything to my face about me doing something so geeky like playing DnD.  They knew no matter how much crap they could give me there was no way I was going to be made to feel “odd” for playing and quit playing.  Chances were I would tell them to bite me and not talk to them again.  You either accept me for who and what I am or you don’t.  I can’t be guilted into being something I am not to make someone else happy.  This is why last relationship failed horribly.  That’s a story best left for Jerry Springer or Maury.

Back to this book.  Football is considered a guy thing but no one makes fun of the girl who is into football and follows it more closely than every guy they know.  It’s okay there for a girl to get into a guy thing.  Now, who in the world made DnD a guy thing and who decided that girls needed to be made to feel weird about playing?  Why does there need to be a book written for girls on whatever it is that is special about girls playing DnD?  It’s sexist and insulting.  Next thing you know I am going to find crap in the book stores like “Magic the Gathering for Girls” and “A Girl’s Guide to Star Trek” or even “Girls Play Video Games Too” or some other sexist bullshit about something somewhere that someone considers a “guy thing”.

If you want to know about girls playing DnD, go to The Escapist and start watching I Hit it With My Axe (I really need to get caught up on this) and then go and read D and D With Porn Stars.