Yesterday I came across a band called How to Destroy Angels.  That link will allow you to download their EP free and legally as well as watch the video for The Space In Between.  It’s a visual trip of sorts.  Anyway, this is Trent Reznor’s new project with his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, formally with West Indian Girl.

I sent the link to a good friend of mine and asked him if he had heard yet.  I get back a quick email, “Yes.  Good stuff.  They just had a baby.”

What?  Seriously?!?  Our Trent has sure grown up.  It’s about time.

My friend knows that I don’t read the sort of websites that would have given me the information as soon as they announced they were expecting.  I hate internet celeb gossip sites.  For the record, I don’t watch the news either.  I quit watching it many years back when I was pregnant with my 6th child because I found it too depressing.  I got so sick of hearing these stories about these women killing their kids and how the media sensationalized everything.   It made me sick.  So I stepped away from the news.   My friends and family always inform me of what they think I should know or what I might find interesting so I am not completely living under a rock when it comes to what is going on in the world around me.

Long before I walked away from the news I walked away from celeb news and gossip sites.  I really couldn’t stomach it all.  First, tabloids make me crazy.  These magazines tend to get their news from someone who knows someone.  That’s not reporting, that’s spreading rumors.  One week they will say that a Hollywood marriage is falling apart and the next they are reporting that the couple is happy and expecting a baby or some crap.  It’s guaranteed that once something is printed within a month something else will be printed to contradict that story.  Internet celeb sites do the same thing but to make it worse, you have the fanboys and fangirls commentary to go with it.  It always surprises me how these people go from loving adoration one moment to anger filled hate the next.

The first time I ever Googled Trent Reznor (no, I don’t want to do more than Google him – never have) I was really taken aback by all the fan girls on these articles going on and on about how great Trent was, how much they loved him and the things they wanted to do with him (some of that stuff I am pretty sure I have never seen in my career as a porn reviewer).  All I could think was “You don’t know him.  You are talking about a complete stranger like this.”

I know what everyone is thinking, you have fantasized about some celeb like that, quit being a hypocrite. Actually, no.  I have never fantasized about any celeb like THAT.  As a teenager I was a huge Billy Idol fan but I never had sexual fantasies about him.  I completely agree with People Magazine (for the first time ever) in naming Ryan Reynolds as the Sexiest Man Alive (At the Moment).  Again, no sexual fantasies.  I will also go on record as stating that I find M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold to be breathtaking.  Seriously, the first time I seen him I quit breathing.  Again, no sexual fantasies.  Strange for someone who watches more porn than the average person and occasionally writes erotic fiction, huh?

My sexual fantasies have always been about people I personally know.  Now, I am sure if any of those people read this they would be able to figure out quickly if they were one of those people I have fantasized about that and I am also sure it’s going to make for a bit of awkwardness but I will risk it.  I am not attracted to someone just based on their looks.  Believe me, sometimes I wish I wasn’t wired this way.  It can be a huge reminder sometimes that I am not like everyone else.

Moving on…After my friend told me that  Trent was now a father and I sat here in shock I just had to Google this.  I found a blurb about it between all the gossip pages picking up when Mariqueen and Trent announced the pregnancy.  I know better, and yet I did it anyway.  I started reading the comments after the article.

It’s a publicity stunt.

He’s an ex-heroin addict and alcoholic (some say he is still using) and she smokes and drinks. Ultimate FAIL as usual with these two.

How odd that Reznor releases the fact that his wife is pregnant after this lackluster released EP “How To Destroy Angels”. It’s like Trent has nothing new to offer. His wife doesn’t look 5 months pregnant. It wouldn’t surprise me if they adopt in the next 4 months to have something that the media reports on. Reznor has gotten to be such a sad old man.

I’m pretty sure Trent Reznor is GAY.

You don’t see Trent pulling a stunt like this? I guess you missed where he’s been lying and acting silly all year on a social network. We are looking back on a year of outrageous and desperate fame grabbing attention. This whole year has been very odd, planned like clockwork, and screams of publicity stunt. Who announces on a private facebook to friends and family they are pregnant? They are just that: your friends and family and they would already know.

Quasi famous people are shocking in the way they grab for fame and attention.

Reznor isn’t anything like he pretended to be. He is a fraud and a liar. A fake image conjured up by record executives.

Oh yea, these are actually comments, or parts of comments, from some one of the articles I came across.  There are 256 comments of the like.  No, I didn’t read them all.  Reading half of the first page gave me a headache and a nauseous feeling.  I have come across a number of things where “fans” have said that Mariqueen is a gold-digger and not good enough for Trent.


What the hell is wrong with people?

Before I go any further, here is a side note for those people who believe that you look obviously pregnant at 5 months…when I got pregnant the first time I weighed 88 lbs.  I could not gain weight to save my life…even while pregnant.  By the end of that pregnancy I ended up gaining just enough weight to bring my weight up to where it was supposed to be.  It wasn’t until I was two weeks from giving birth that strangers believed me that I was pregnant, and they swore up and down that I was only five months along.  One of the guys my husband was with in the Navy even came up to me when I was about 7 months along and asked where my pregnancy ass was.  With another one of my pregnancies I gained all of 14 lbs.  I didn’t gain “baby fat” that I needed to loose.  Just over 7 lbs of that went to the baby however much to what the placenta and amniotic fluid weighs and the rest went to my boobs.  This sort of thing happens.  Not everyone looks like they are ready to give birth to a chest buster at five months.  This is really sad.  Not only does everyone have to fit into a one size fits all mold, but no pregnancy has to…especially if you are ever in the public eye or people might question if you are genuine.

I am starting to think that “true NIN fans” would have been much happier if Trent would have died of a drug overdose where they could remember him as the tortured rock god that they put up on a pedestal.  Or maybe he should have blown his brains out like Kurt Cobain.  It would be so much easier for them to accept than the fact that he went through rehab and grew up.

I am really glad that I am not a celebrity of any kind.  It’s not that I don’t have the thick skin that you need, but I wouldn’t have to want to try and live up to the expectations of tens of thousands to millions of people I didn’t know and who didn’t know anything about me outside of what this magazine or website decided to publish from interviews and pictures that the paparazzi have taken while stalking me.  That isn’t the kind of life I would want to live.  Everyone tends to forget that these people have lives outside of the camera’s eye and that they are human beings with feelings and needs.  They have every right to find love and have a family with who they choose and not who the general public thinks they should be with.

That would make for the strangest arranged marriage in the world.