Rant.  Rant. Rant.  There.

Seriously though, I was was watching WWE NXT tonight and AJ was eliminated.  How in the hell does that happen?  She was the crowd favorite and was easily the most impressive of the rookie divas proving that looks are deceiving.  When I first looked at the rookie diva’s I was sure that Naomi was going to win because she was the biggest of the girls or even Aksana because of her background in fitness competition.  However, AJ was the most impressive, and she was eliminated.  I started thinking, “Well, the WWE has been known to keep even some of the “losers” of these competitions.”   They kept all of the first season NXT rookies and I have to admit that the Nexus storyline grated on my nerves from day one.  It’s the NWO all over again without Hulk Hogan saying “brother” every 30 seconds.  And then there is The Miz.  Who remembers him from Tough Enough?  He didn’t win but he made an impression on me when he puked in a trash can on national television after running with Mick Foley.  I didn’t say he made a good impression.  So I got to thinking that maybe they will keep AJ and whoever wins this thing.

I sat here irritated about her loosing and then I decided to Google her.  That really sounds kinky.   Anyway, I discovered she went into NXT with a contract.  Turns out she was going to be the one replacing Micky James.  She was going to be debuted around the same time as Alberto del Rio but they decided that two superstars shouldn’t be debuted at the same time or something.  It looks like NXT was the ideal way to introduce her to the WWE Universe and that there is a good chance she is going to be staying.  Here’s hoping.  I like it when they have divas that can wrestle instead of just being there for the T and A factor.

Something else that has me pissed off at the moment is this damn program that EA gave everyone to create worlds in the Sims 3.  You would think they would provide a more user friendly database or something that wasn’t still in beta.  I spent a week working on a neighborhood only to have it all go to hell.  Can’t export it.  Can’t do crap with it or the back up files that get saved.  GRRR!  So I started over and the neighborhood.  I went into edit in game mode to add lots.  Once that was done I saved and then it wouldn’t open back up in Create a World.  All the custom lots I created are lost.  I can’t export the lots with the world.  So I have a world that, now that it’s imported into the game, I have to create all these lots again.  So, again, tons of wasted time.  I want the last week of my life back that I have spent screwing around with this damn program.

Oh, and speaking of the Sims 3, I spend some time on their Facebook page.  It’s the most I do on Facebook.  I really have a love-hate relationship with social networking sites.  EA has always chosen fan based sites to promote and stuff.  This last time around they pointed out some Sim Magazines.  After looking at them I was a bit annoyed because…I don’t know why I was annoyed.  All the magazines were really good.  Some of them had downloads, some didn’t.  I think I am annoyed because I have had some incarnation of The Sims Weekly World News around since the original game and I have never been acknowledged by anyone.  I used to take requests on making celebrity sims and when I couldn’t crank them out fast enough people would get pissed.  Seriously?  It’s my time and I was doing it to be nice and never once got a thank you.

I know people download the stuff I make, I can see that by looking at The Exchange, but no one leaves comments.  I also can tell by  looking at the stats that people read the stupid tabloid type articles that I write and yet no one comments.  Now, I not one of these people who needs constant accolades but every now and then a thank you or a “hey, this is cool” would be nice.  Know what I mean?  Sigh.  I also don’t want to be the biggest and most popular member of the Sims Community, but I would like to be acknowledged that I am a part of it.  Remember in elementary school when you would get a certificate of participation for being in the art show or running some obstacle course in track and field day or doing something else in some school sanctioned event?  I just want my certificate of participation.

The last incarnation of the Sims Weekly World News for Sims 2 before I lost the website I had that in a small number of link backs on other sites and acknowledgment when the SWWN was updated on Bines Sim Review (site has been defunct for about a year).  If you run a website, always back up your files.  I want to cry every time I think of all the Sims stuff that I have lost over the years because I didn’t always practice good webmaster habits.  In fact, in the beginning I had no idea what I was doing.  It was a learn as you go type of thing and I didn’t have anyone tell me how things should be done.  I also used the free website that my ISP gave me.  We have changed ISPs three times since then.  Oh yea…everything I did for the original Sims is long gone along with most of my Sims 2 stuff.  Before we moved I did find a disk with all my files on it, but I never got around to going through it and re-uploading everything.

So, today I am just feeling put out by the Sims Community.  Maybe it’s the aggravation from dealing with Create a World and loosing a week of my life and having nothing to show for it.  Maybe it’s the pain that I am in.  My hip has been killing me for the last two days.  If I move just right I end up with sharp shooting pain through my hip, leg and lower back.  I can’t walk up and down stairs (or even get in the tub) without wanting to scream or pass out from pain and the pain meds aren’t touching this.  This is the kind of pain people normally get Codine for…but I have to be allergic.  Sucks to be me.  To make things even more joyful, I have to go grocery shopping in this pain.

I should go to bed.