I really don’t have much to say and I am too damn tired to think of anything.  My husband is on this stupid midnight shift this month so his sleep schedule is all screwed up on the weekends when he’s home.  He can’t sleep so he wants someone (translated: me) to stay up with him so he has some company.  This time around he decides at 4:00 am that he wants something to eat.  This meas we have to trek out to our only 24 hour grocery store.  We got some grocery shopping done so that is good but I didn’t get to bed until 6:00 am and that is bad.  Got up at like 12:30 because I can’t sleep all day, especially with the kids running around.  I ended up falling asleep for a nap during the Retro WWF edition of Monday Night Raw tonight and even though House got TIVO’d I was too tired to watch it.

So, what am I doing still up?  Over the weekend I started a comic strip done with the Sims 3 and I had to get the next two done and uploaded before the idea for them skipped out on me.  I also thought that since I haven’t said anything for a few days that I would do a quick promotion of them here.  Click on the thumbnails to go to the site and read them.

Anyone who has played the Sims will understand the concept of “The God”.  The comic is ultimately about a single self-aware Sim and how his roommates and others react to him as well as all the things that just come with being a Sim.  While you are checking out the comic, be sure to click on the button for the Sims Weekly World News.  There are some new tabloid stories up as well as some new community downloads.

Happy Simming…