My husband isn’t doing well with this entire Celiac Disease revelation. When my daughter was diagnosed at the age of 8 she handled it pretty well even though it meant no more of things that kids like to eat.  Things like cookies and cakes and brownies.  No soft taco shells.  No peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  No macaroni and cheese.  It’s interesting looking back those four to five years and how, in that short time, gluten-free alternatives have become easily accessible.  Betty Crocker even makes some.  When she was diagnosed finding gluten free bread that didn’t have to be mail-ordered at an exorbitant price was almost impossible and rice pasta was almost unheard of.  In fact, that is how I discovered one of my kids was allergic to beets.  I picked up that funny colored extra healthy pasta that is made from vegetables.  Hello anaphylaxis.  My daughter feels so much better not having wheat in her diet she doesn’t miss it and sees it as an evil of the world.  In her mind the world of food should just exile all gluten containing items.

Add a new found pepper allergy to Celiac Disease and my husband acts like he would rather die than live without food that  make him sick and could quite possibly kill him. Now, when I say pepper allergy I mean everything pepper from the spice to bell peppers and their hotter brethren.  I also mean all spices that come from peppers like paprika and chili oil.  Do you know how much of this stuff they put in everything?  Paprika is used in almost everything pre-packaged.  There isn’t a single taco seasoning on the planet that doesn’t contain paprika.  One of my sons is also allergic to anything and everything pepper like my husband.  Yes, those convenience foods that you can buy where you don’t have to make everything from scratch just became a much smaller list.  I am not talking things like pre-packaged  meals, I am talking about things like salad dressing.  Capsaicin containing foods are now the bane of my existence.  I hate grocery shopping.

The problem is, it doesn’t matter how much better my husband feels not eating gluten containing foods, he has to act like a spoiled kid about it who has been told no for the first time.  He pouts and complains.  Trust me, seeing a grown man pout isn’t pretty.  It’s downright annoying.  He bought me Pretzel M&M’s and then complained that he couldn’t eat any of them.  I told him then the next time buy some other sort of M&M’s that he can eat as well…and don’t say that they were bought for me.  Our grocery store sends out coupons every month or every other month for free food stuff that they are promoting.  This time around it was the fixings for spaghetti dinner.  My thought was something similar to Italian bread and tomato sauce equals giant bread stick.  I didn’t want the free noodles but we got them anyway and I gave them to my son the bottomless stomach.  This bread became a huge joke for me because the coupon read “Free Pane Italian Bread made from whole bread”.  Yes, it was bread made from bread.  Not sure how that works but it made me laugh and became a source of amusement.  So, when I tasted said bread made from bread I made the joke, “This bread made from bread is pretty good.”  My husband snapped at me “Must be nice.”

I lost it.  I am so sick of him making me feel guilty for not having the same dietary restrictions he does.  He pouts, makes unnecessary comments and plays the martyr.  It’s stupid, it’s childish and it’s unnecessary.  At 8 Cheyenne never once whimpered when someone had a bun on their hamburger and she didn’t or some one was eating pretzels and she couldn’t.  In fact, she felt so much better not eating stuff like that she acted like she was scared of wheat containing foods.  My husband on the other hand wants everyone to be miserable if they eat something he can’t have.

With the number of food allergies in the house food annoyed me at best, now I have begun to just downright hate it.  I really wish we could survive without eating.

I made sure he knew I was done with putting up with his self-pity and martyrdom.  Today, on his way home from work, he picked up me up some peace offerings while at the store getting the few items I asked him to bring home with him.  I now have three hand crafted mugs from Lucasfilms and the Gallerie sitting on my desk of Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper.  They came with cherry candies.  I could only find a picture on the net of the Stormtrooper one on the net which tells me these are hard to find items.   The rest are equally as awesome – well, Boba Fett may be just a little more awesome because he’s Boba Fett.  They are not sitting on my desk with my ceramic Darth Vader M&M/cookie container I picked up a few years back.

He even admitted he got them for me as an apology for being an ass over this food thing.  This is some huge progress over the last several years when he was sick from it all and wouldn’t listen to me about getting it all looked into.  Then he would just treat me like I was being unreasonable and had no right to my feelings and every jerk thing he did he was justified in doing.  My mugs are awesome but even better is the fact that my husband is finally able to start admitting when he’s wrong and being an ass.  Now hopefully he will quit acting like a baby over these food restrictions.  I know, I know…one thing at a time.