Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.

Rule 35: If no porn is found of it t the moment, it will be made.

I should have know, that the internet being the internet with every fetish available to man, woman and everyone in between, that sooner or later someone somewhere would end up with a Snuggie fetish. It was bound to happen since Snuggies have embedded themselves so deep into pop culture it is going to take more than a shovel and weed killer to get rid of them despite being a fashion nightmare.

With all that out of the way I am invoking rules 34 and 35 of the internet.  I am sure that in this case rule 35 came first making rule 34 valid.  Just because there isn’t enough weirdness in the world.  Thank you internet.

Thanks to The Snuggie Sutra there are going to be websites popping up all over the place with people posting pictures and videos of themselves doing it Snuggie-style.  There will be membership sites with porn stars getting it on in Snuggies making the Snuggie the next big sex accessory.  That is something we really don’t need or want. Snuggies are about as sexy as hospital gowns. In fact, that is where they should be used, in hospitals. Fleece is a hell of a lot warmer than the worn material that makes up hospital gowns. A Snuggie is also long enough that you could theoretically wrap it around yourself where your ass doesn’t hang out when you get out of the hospital bed to use the toilet.  Despite looking like a tool, you will at least be a tool with some dignity.

I know that is never going to happen and it’s wishful thinking on my part.  It’s just the way the world, and especially the internet works.  Something with a  practical purpose that could offer so much to the world and help restore some dignity, gets twisted into porn.  This time complete with instructions.

Again, thank you, Internet.