I have The Plague. It’s a nice combination of sinus infection and bronchitis.  The upside is, I am not contagious.  How does that work?

About a week ago I ran out of allergy medication.  It’s fall, the pollen is gone.  I thought I would be fine.  I was horribly mistaken.  Day One I was okay.  Day Two I started sneezing a bit.  Day Three a friend of mine told me I looked like I had been punched in the face by the Allergy Fairy.  My daughter drew me a picture of the Allergy Fairy.  The Allergy Fairy is a guy with long hair who looks like an amine elf with a Wand of Death and Pollen Wing.  I really wish someone would take out a Mafia hit on the guy.

Fast forward to yesterday, I was sneezing my head off, my nose was training for the Marine Corp Marathon this weekend, my throat was itchy and every great now and then I would cough.  It felt like those damn cherry blossoms in the area were in full bloom.  I felt like hell but I didn’t feel sick.  I picked up allergy meds.  It usually takes a couple days on them before everything settles down.

I didn’t sleep last night.  Every so often I would have to blow my nose.  It was just stupid.  I got up this morning and I felt like someone had punched me in face and my chest hurts.  Wonderful.  Just wonderful.  This is normally spring time illness from out of control allergies.  I know what is going on.  I have played this little game every spring since we moved to the DC Metro area because of those damn trees.  It was just so freaking kind of Japan, after WWII to give the state capital 10,000 trees as a peace offering.  I have a theory that the Japanese decided if they couldn’t wipe us off the planet during the war, they would kill us with cherry pollen.  So, here I am with the start of allergy induced bronchitis and sinus infection.  This means come the first of the week I have to get a doctors appointment.  Wonderful.

I did get the Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack.  Guess this means that I get to sit in bed sick and torture sims.  Thinking about redoing my Sims website as well.  I have not updated it in a while.  Chances are there will be a ton of new stuff up there before the week is out.