Oh yes, I do mean *THAT* kind of pearl necklace.  Someone thought that it would be a good idea to preserve the memory in silver where it can be worn whenever, wherever.  It will only cost $420.00.  It makes the perfect gift.  Okay, I really don’t know about that but for some reason this reminds of something equally absurd I once seen in a porno I reviewed.  I would have to look up the name of the movie, I don’t remember it at the moment, but the scene in question took place in a tattoo parlor.  The girl wanted a tattoo of the guy’s pop shot on her ass.  This is porn I am talking about so use your imagination to figure out how this all played out.  The most absurd part of it all was before the tattoo was started, the tattoo artist (and I use the term artist loosely here) said “This is going to make a great tattoo.”  I can just see some artist/jewelry designer looking at semen trails saying “This is going to make a great necklace.”

Link to this original and stunning necklace

By stunning I mean who in their right mind would wear this?  Or version two of the necklace?

I can just imagine wearing this out in public and having someone old enough to be my grandmother come up to me and say “That is such an original necklace.  What is it supposed to be?”

“It’s a pearl necklace.”

“Honey, you are mistaken.  There are no pearls on there.”

<facepalm>  At that moment, despite embarrassment, you have to explain to someone what a pearl necklace is without referencing the ZZ Top song knowing full well that no good is going to come of it.

By the same token, why do I see Lady GaGa rushing out to buy this?