This reminds me…I think I was 16 or 17 when I was told that my Aunt Olive had Alzheimer’s.  She was my aunt by marriage.  My grandmother had gotten divorced and then remarried.  Olive was the wife of my step-grandfathers brother.  I only bring this up because she was one of those relatives that my mother used to remind me wasn’t really a relative.  My mother was odd like that and I never really understood why.  In some way it explains why I didn’t see her unless my grandmother or grandfather took me over to their house, which over the years growing up became less and less until they moved to Florida and I didn’t see them anymore.

Anyway, I was working at Wendy’s after I graduated high school and one day my Aunt Olive came in.  She didn’t recognize me and it scared me.  I didn’t know if it was because she hadn’t seen me in a number of years or if it was because of Alzheimer’s.  It really shook me up because she came in alone wanting breakfast, which we didn’t serve, and I wondered if anyone knew she was out in town by herself.  I didn’t bother to tell her who I was because I didn’t know if she would remember who I was.  She ended up dying the following year.

Here is the thing, while writing this I had to look up her death on the Social Security Death Index website to see when she died.  Thinking back, my grandparents visited Ohio about the same of her death that year.  They came to see me briefly at work and they never told me she died.