I was going to write some witty news parody about Batboy staring in the new Twilight Movie but decided against it.  That would mean that I would actually have to learn something about the movie, like who directed it and I really don’t care enough to be bothered.  What prompted the idea was this picture that I came across today thanks to Pippin1178 over on Deviant Art.

I love Batboy and this picture reminded me how sad that I am that the Weekly World News is no longer being printed and my dreams of writing for them shattered.  It still exists on the web, but it’s not the same.  Douglas Adams once said that the Weekly World News was the best satire ever written, and I tend to agree with him.  It was that publication that served as the inspiration for my Sims website, The Sims Weekly World News.  The site has been around in many incarnations and I honestly wish that I still had every “news article” that I ever wrote for it but a lot of the material has been lost.  Originally it was hosted on free web space I got from my IP.  I had it up on blogger for a while before I bought a URL for it and due to some serious life stress that forced us to move at the same time I had to renew everything the site was forgotten about until it was too late.  Once I was done grieving for the loss of my site I bought another URL, started over and I am afraid it’s just not been the same.  I get discouraged every time I think about everything I have done for the site and lost.  At one time it seemed silly to have Sims 1 stuff up with Sims 2 stuff…and now that Sims 3 is out and about I often think about how looking back at the progression of the site would be fun.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

Now back to Batboy.  He would had made Twilight so much more interesting.  I don’t see Batboy being attracted to a co-dependent girl almost devoid of personality.  I am actually not sure what kind of girl Batboy would be interested in but that would be a love story for the ages, kind of like Beauty and the Beast.