Savannah update: She’s up and walking.  She’s not walking well, she still stumbles around and when she gets tired it gets worse, but she’s walking which is a good thing.  We had her at the neuro again yesterday and the doctor ran the first part of an EMG.  So far just her hands and arms have been done.  We have to make the appointment to get her legs and feet done.  It did reveal Carpel Tunnel.  I am not surprised really because she has always had problems with her hands causing her pain for as long as I can remember.  Her EEG was normal so we are still at not knowing what caused this.

The Magic the Gathering cards I ordered showed up yesterday so now I have my Chippy/Zombie Fanboy deck.  It’s an okay deck, it’s not going to do anything amazing.  It was mostly put together to amuse myself.  I also picked up some Scars of Mirrodin stuff.  I really need to cut down most of my decks.  They are closer to 80 cards than 60.  I went through my cards and have about $50 worth of stuff that I can sell to MTGMintCard for store credit but I am not sure it’s worth the hassle at the moment.

I found this on PostSecret today:

I think this just summed up nearly everything that I hate about “women’s magazines”.  Seriously, do the publishers think that satisfying a man in bed is all that women care about, or should care about?  Relationships and sex do NOT rule our lives.  This is an image that the media has created.  We worry about school, work, family, our health, our pets, our relationships with our female friends and so many other things and yet, so many magazines neglect these things to focus on what we can do to please men in the bedroom.  If these magazines have to focus on our sexual relationships, why don’t they focus on what we, as women, can do to make sure we are getting what we want in the bedroom?  Men’s magazines don’t focus on pleasing women in bed nearly as much as women’s magazines focus on pleasing men.  I am sorry, I don’t need another blow job technique or a magazine to tell me that the neck and ears is also an erogenous zone on a guy and it would be really cool to try running a feather across the skin there.  I would be more interested in reading something about how to negotiate sex when you have a disease like endometriosis that causes sex to be painful a good deal of the time.  I would be more interested in reading an article about how to facilitate communication in a relationship.  I am really ashamed to admit that I picked up a copy of Cosmo not to long ago because Pink was on the cover and they claimed to have an interview with her in there.  The interview was lame, almost a non-interview.  Several months ago Inked Magazine ran an awesome interview with Pink that would be more of interest to Pink fans than what Cosmo ran.  Of course, there were sex tips from guys.  No woman’s magazine is complete without that.  Here’s some advice that will go a long way that Cosmo won’t tell you.  Ask your boyfriend/husband what he likes in bed instead of relying on crap published in a magazine.  After all, every guy (and person in general) is different.  Oh, and I can’t forget the very sad story about the girl who’s fiance died on their wedding day.  As sad as the story was, it was the only thing worth reading in the magazine outside of the Sally Hanson add that shows all their new cool nail polish colors.  Another thing that I really hate about women’s magazines is that they have a way of making me feel self-conscience and that I don’t measure up.  I am sure that they do this to a lot of women.  All the fashion, hair and makeup tips in there come off the runway or are dictated by Hollywood.  Outside of Hollywood, who really dresses like that?  Seriously?

One of our local grocery stores has this thing in the store called Shop to Cook or something.  You can print out recipes there in the store from it and it also does the price scan thing.  Anyway, I printed out a number of recipes (I am so sick of the same old thing).  Many of them are gluten free and others can be modified to be gluten free and to meet the allergy needs of our family.  YAY!!!

Lastly, I am fighting off bronchitis.  Wonderful.  I don’t want to be sick.