It really didn’t take me long after starting to play Magic The Gathering to start collecting the cards in a binder, not so much because I am a complete and total geek and/or nerd (I admit that I am) but because I love the artwork on the cards.  I love science-fiction/fantasy art-work and Magic feeds into that.

What I am going to talk about now all started as a joke really.  A lot of things I do start as jokes.  A few months back while playing Magic the Gathering we just happened to notice that one of the artists names on the card was Chippy.  With few exceptions most of the artists have their full name put on the cards, even if it’s a weird sounding name so we were wondering what kind of person uses the name Chippy in their personal life.   Somewhere along the line we started to actually pay a bit more attention to the artwork on the cards and said “Hey, Chippy is really an awesome artist.”  In the end, the name that I imagine has been haunting him since preschool got our attention and we “discovered” his talent so it all works out there.  I mean, check out some of the artwork that he’s designed for Magic cards:

Akroma, Angel of Wrath (holo)

Alluring Siren

Shivan Meteor

Windwright Mage

Try and tell me that isn’t cool artwork.  (Chippy’s blog if anyone is interested).  In my mind he rates up there with Boris Vallejo and Michael Whelan.  I love Chippy’s work so I decided to put together what I am going to call my Zombie Fanboy deck with all cards done by Chippy.  There are a few things that aren’t going to be Chippy like my green mana cards, sadly he’s only drawn artwork for blue and black cards, and the actual Zombie Fanboy card:

Yes, I know that Unhinged and Unglued cards aren’t legal in tournament play and blah blah blah.  This is one of those decks that I have put together for my own amusement, much like my black and red goblin deck that was put together based on flavor text that makes me laugh. Red cards, especially Goblins, usually have the best flavor text.  The Zombie Fanboy card makes me laugh.  Actually, there is one card in every deck that I have put together that is there just because it amuses me somehow.

I discovered something somewhat important putting this deck together, it’s kind of hard to do when you don’t have all the cards in your hand and you do it from the computer.  I spent a couple hours over on MoxDiamond looking at Chippy cards and deciding what to put in the deck.  I got the email this morning that they have shipped so they should be here around the middle of the week since they are coming from Seattle (I ordered them from MTGMintCard).

Next week my homage to Chippy will be complete…